Restore your Attractive Smile by Wearing Braces for Six Months

Before you may begin with any orthodontic procedure, a free consultation session with the dentist may help to discuss your goals. He will suggest whether Six Month Smile is the right option for you. It is important to know what you can expect from the treatment, when you can notice changes to your smile, how to straighten teeth by wearing aligners and what you should do to take proper care of braces. This blogpost discusses about why you need to wear braces for six months to have teeth straightening done successfully. 

What you can expect when starting the treatment

You need to wear the traditional braces for at least six months in this procedure to straighten your teeth successfully. Six Months Smile offers a discreet option in comparison to the conventional braces. They are made of wires and clear brackets that ensure to deliver the results quickly. When you want to have straighter front teeth within a short time, this should be your perfect solution. The treatment timing is usually six months, however this may differ between four to nine months.

As everyone has unique smile, the first step in this procedure involves a free consultation session so that you can evaluate whether or not Six Month Smile is the right option.  After you know about your treatment plan, the provider will fit your new braces. This may require nearly an hour and you will then attain straighter teeth.

What progress you may expect from the procedure

It might be somewhat odd during the first few days, but you will adjust with wearing your braces after one month. By this time, the teeth will begin to shift and so, you can see the initial changes. You can find further improvements to your teeth from one month to the next. Thus, wearing braces for six months will help you to have straighter teeth and improve your appearance.

You may see big changes to your smile by the end of fifth month. As per your case, you may require three to seven adjustments with the braces during the treatment. By the end of sixth month, you need to remove the braces and show your smile to family and friends. Like all kinds of orthodontic procedures, you have to wear an aligner for keeping your teeth in new and straight alignment. Several retainers are there and your provider will help in selecting the right one for your comfort and convenience.

How to take care of your invisible braces

Unlike any kind of treatment, you have to take simple steps to keep your braces in good condition. Though it might seem taking lots of effort, you will be able to maintain them for a long time.

How you can clean your braces

The bacteria may trap inside and around your braces. So, you should brush at an angle of 45 degree around the brackets and wires. You need to brush from the top of each wire down towards the bottom. As cleaning your teeth is necessary, you have to take your time to get rid of all the plaque and other build-up.

How to clean teeth properly

You need to clean each tooth and hold your brush at an angle of 45 degree to your gum line. Try to spend at least ten seconds for brushing in a circular way. You will have to repeat the procedure for all your inner and outer surfaces. Also, you need to change the position of brush in order to clean those hard-to-reach areas properly.

The need to floss daily

Flossing daily is necessary to take proper care of your braces. Make sure you floss once in a day so that you can attain the most desired results.  After you are done, give the teeth thorough rinsing with either water or mouthwash. You may see your teeth in the mirror and you will be surprised to see how they shine.

How you should look after your aligners

This actually depends on whether you are looking for a fixed or removable aligner. When opting for a removable retainer, make sure you store it in a protective box while not wearing them. You may either soak it in a solution or take a toothbrush and water for cleaning your braces. Avoid soaking the retainers in hot water and do not use toothpaste. In case of a fixed retainer, try to keep the areas around it clean and floss properly to make the process easy and convenient.

Thus, you need to get in touch with your Six Month Smiles provider in London and know if you can undergo the treatment. Book a consultation with your provider and know in details about six month smiles treatment. You will have straighter teeth within the time span of six months and improve your overall appearance.

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