Reignite old christmas traditions with kiln dried Stringybark Firewood

Reignite old christmas traditions with kiln dried Stringybark Firewood

Warm Christmas celebrations call for warm and cozy family gatherings. Warm laughter, outdoor cheers, some grilled barbecue and sizzling fire to set the mood for the night.

But do you really need to invest in barbecue to enjoy a luxurious and sizzinglung barbecue? A fire pit was the ultimate old fashioned barbeque used by our ancestors  and with some stringybark firewood from your favourite firewood supplier you can get all the creativity you want to and grill your favourite cuisine among laughter and beers.

Benefits of using fire pits instead of old fashioned barbecue:

Coal and logs will do the deed:

You can put the fire pits in the centre of your evening and enjoy a smokeless night with some firewood and smokeless coal. The combination of smokeless coal and kiln-dried hardwood logs will provide heat and flavour together.

A thrill of inclusion of every member!

You can make fire pits the star of the evening yet enjoy the night with everyone. Instead of cracking yourself in some corner of the barbecue, you can crack open the beers with everyone while giving each one a chance to try their hands on the safe pits. 


With skewers there are endless possibilities. You should use two parallel skewers rather than a single skewer. The wooden skewers automatically move the pieces close together. Get your skewers from the local butcher, or make one on your own!

Easy to handle and cook!

It might sound complicated, but it’s much easier than you can think of. There are many imaginative ways you can cook in a fire pit, efficiently and enthusiastically.

Pot cook:

A traditional way to bring essence to your curry, with the help of the fire pit, you can enjoy a pot cooked curry or even some stew. Barbecues are for the monotonous grill, but pot cooking reminds one of the good old days. You can hang the pots on the tripod and enjoy a mesmerizing view. 


You can buy a rack to fit the top of the fire pit. Usually, fire pits come with a grilling gate, but you also have a cheap alternative. Grills can free you and help your guests to try their hands on something interesting and innovative on their own. 

Things to keep handy before lighting your fire pit:

  • Firewood and smokeless coal: Buy the kiln firewood from Sydney’s bulk firewood suppliers. Choose a supplier that offers you more than what you pay for. 
  • Bucket of water: You don’t want any accidents to ruin your night.
  • Equipment: Firewoods and coals aren’t all you need to light your fire pits. You also need aluminium foil, skewers, tongs, a grill rack and a heat-resistant pot to enjoy a hand cooked delicacy this festive night.

In the Morning:

Christmas is a lovely time to remember your joys and forget your sorrows. For over 35 years, Sydney Firewood has been supplying the finest quality, legally sourced firewood to Sydney and every corner of NSW. The ethically sourced firewood collection is vital for our environment, and our health on the whole. 

You can easily order your top quality firewood directly from the website with convenience and friendly service.

So get together with your family and loved ones, and make this Christmas the most memorable one of your life!