Reasons why Xiaomi succeed in India

Reasons why Xiaomi succeed in India

Heavy online presence and innovative marketing strategies are two of the key reasons that have made Xiaomi a star player in the Indian smartphone segment.

The affordability factor also played a significant role in escalating the profit percentage of Mi mobiles without compromising on their design and performance.

As recent data reveals, over 9 million Mi cell phones were sold in the 2020 festive season, testifying Xiaomi’s dominance in India’s smartphone market. Following is an elaboration on the factors that worked in their favor.

Key reasons behind Xiaomi’s unparalleled success

There have been instances where the latest Redmi Note 9 Pro took only a few minutes. Here is how the brand has upheld its position.

• Pricing strategy: No matter how many innovative specifications a brand brings in, the price still remains a crucial factor. Xiaomi has been able to cultivate a loyal customer base mainly because of its affordable options with unique specifications.

• Brand awareness: Utilising the power of social media the brand has been making headlines. The advertising strategy of Mi mobiles in both online and offline channels has made them more approachable to contemporary consumers.

• Operating advantage: The brand has smartly managed to keep its production cost as low as possible which inevitably makes the products affordable.

However, that has not influenced the quality of top models like Redmi Note 9 Pro, Mi 10T Pro, Redmi 9 Prime, etc., making the brand even more popular among Indian customers.

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