Ray Mirra The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular

Ray Mirra The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular

Ray Mirra is one of the more famous horror movie directors in the 1980s. His first horror film, The Shape, was an immediate hit, grossing over three-quarters of a billion dollars. But where The Shape fails in comparison to its later offerings, is its handling of the female characters. In each film, a pretty face is pitted against a monster. Often, the pretty girl dies and the monster devours her body.

While this sounds like a bit of a plot device, the psychological underpinnings of the story make it more than adequate for it time again. The Shape is not nearly as upsetting as the Saw series, but it still manages to be incredibly terrifying thanks to its amazing set design and acting. The Shape also managed to be one of the few horror films that were able to hold its own against the often competent action sequences from the likes of Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

Ray Mirra has always been a director to turn to when creating a film with a little more drama. And it is his ability to create intense moments that makes The Shape stand head and shoulders above the rest. When the psychic medium possessed by the evil possessed Byere is killed, Ray immediately knows that something is terribly wrong. But as he and his family investigate the house, they are confronted by more devilish happenings. Things get even weirder when a teenage girl from their class vanishes, along with her friend.

Excellent job

So now, Ray and his family must unravel this diabolical plot while struggling to cope with the personal loss of their daughter. With help from some newly arrived converts to the religion, the Mires soon find themselves battling against a myriad of evil and paranormal forces. This leads to a series of strange happenings that would seem to link to the previous disappearances. And although there were definite precxieties regarding what might occur concerning this case, no satisfactory answers have ever been found. However, Ray Mirra did direct this movie well, and managed to make it a fun and entertaining movie to watch.

Director Tony Reyes does an excellent job of keeping the momentum of the story throughout. It has been said that if this movie had not been made, the entire concept of time travel may never have been conceived. The Shape truly lives up to the hype.

As I have stated, the concept of time traveling is a great one, but the whole idea seemed to become redundant after this movie. But what made The Shape so amazing was its sheer creativity in its storyline. What is more amazing is that the entire movie takes place almost in real time, as they travel back in time to try and solve a crime. The whole movie just seemed to be a very fast paced ride.

Main characters

One thing that may put off some people is the fact that most of the time, the main characters are traveling back in time to stop a crime that has already taken place. I do not necessarily suggest that you do not watch this movie if you are looking for a crime thriller. What I am saying is that you will probably not care about solving the crime if you do not watch the movie for the main characters. I also like the fact that director Tony Reyes did a good job creating an alternate timeline for the movie. Although it may seem like a minor point, I thought it was a clever way to make the movie different from most other movies that take place in the future or in the past.

Raymond Mirra is definitely an interesting movie. It takes you on a journey of time and gives you a view of how the future might unfold. Even though it is a science fiction movie, it does have its rational side. Overall, I would recommend giving this movie a watch.