Ray Mirra Philadelphia Phillies 2021

The Philadelphia Phillies are owned by the New York Yankees. When the team was established in the

National League in 1973, it was named after a man who had just fought to become the first player to put a

baseball game on the air. That man was Ray Mirra. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Montreal Expos. Ray later played for the New York Yankees and he is one of the all time greatest pitchers for the club. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame list in 1970 and was the winning pitcher for the World Series victory.

Yankee Stadium

Even with so much success, Ray Mirra has never been able to receive the honor of induction into the

Baseball Hall of Fame. He will be joining some very select names and even has a statue outside of the Yankee Stadium.

There is a plaque in place at Yankee Stadium that honors Ray’s accomplishments as a pitcher but it is not until you visit the plaque itself that you see what truly constitutes an All-Star.

Ray Mirra

Pretty big deal

The plaque is actually not all that remarkable. It simply contains a list of the top twenty players

that the Phillies have signed who fit under the criteria of being an All Star.

The twenty listed players are Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roger Clemens, Ted Williams,

Rickey Henderson,

Hal Bedser, Mark Langston, Joe Dimaggio, Brian Pujols, and Pedro Schiefele. Now that is not to say that there

are not any other names on the All-Star roster that deserved to be there that did not make the cut. But the point is that these are the players that the Phils chose and that is what makes it all the more impressive.

First African-American

Ray Mirra went into the stadium that day with his wife, his parents, and his agent. He came out to the aisle, raised his hands, and gave a big to the first base line.

It is not too uncommon to see players do this when they hit a home run or

when they sign autographs. Ray just took it a little further and placed his name in the top row to right field.

For someone who did not receive the chance to be in the Hall of Fame crowd that day, this was a pretty big deal.

Many fans were surprised as to the exact spot he was placed in right field. Did you know that Jackie Robinson was the first player ever to be placed into three different rows? Ray’s placement was certainly remarkable because he broke the color barrier in that sport for white players. In addition to breaking the color barrier, Ray became the first African-American to accomplish this feat.

Ray thought

Before the game, Manager Jack McPeak decided to bring in some youngsters from the minor

leagues to try to create some excitement for the game. However, none of them seemed to have much of a good time, even if they hit a home run. There were many reasons why this didn’t work.

First, none of the players hit the ball very hard, but they didn’t have the experience of playing in the big leagues.

Then the manager decided to place Ray Monroe in right field. Ray was nervous about his decision. He had never played in right field before, so he wasn’t sure what to expect. But he noticed that the other players had more confidence in their abilities to play in the outfield. Ray thought that if he had any trouble at first, then maybe he shouldn’t stay in right field.


When the game finally started, Raymond Mirra went right to third base and relieved the role of centerfielder. When the team scored three runs in the first inning, Ray was obviously nervous. He had never played there before, so he was nervous about his performance. Unfortunately, the Phillies couldn’t score more runs in the second and the game was tied. Ray ended up receiving the save in the 11th inning, giving the Phils a much needed win.

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