Quartz Countertops: Discover Drama in a Consistent and Extremely Durable Material

Quartz Countertops: Discover Drama in a Consistent and Extremely Durable Material

Are you exploring the countertop options for your new Lima, OH kitchen project? You may have decided that granite or marble is the only way to go. But you might be surprised at what quartz can bring to the table, even though it is a man-made surface.

Quartz: A Gorgeous Option Crafted From Natural Stone

Quartz countertops begin life as the by-product of the granite quarry industry. Small bits of stone and dust are sent to the quartz factory. They are blended with resins, color, and other additives to create designer patterns. It is compressed, baked, and polished. The end result actually includes about 90% natural stone.

Looks and Styles that Mimic Marble and Granite Countertops

Many decades ago when quartz first appeared on the countertop market, it often looked plastic. Today’s quartz surfaces are often mistaken for natural stones such as marble and granite. Improvements in the manufacturing process create veining, flecks, and unique variations through the use of a randomized computer printing process.

Some examples of quartz that reflect natural stone include Liberty Calacatta, Riverbank, and Carrara Aura. You can see entire slabs on display at the showroom of Legacy Marble & Granite located near Lima, OH.

Plan for a Spacious Island and Counter with Closely Matching Slabs

One challenge that many homeowners face when choosing slabs for their modern open-concept kitchen is that they can’t find a pair of granite slabs that provide the seamless appearance they desire. There may be an inclusion that you just don’t like or veining that will be interrupted by an unavoidable seam. Since quartz is manufactured, you are able to order multiple slabs with precise color matches. While there will be some individual characteristics on each slab, it will be easier to get that uniform surface that you crave.

Installation and Performance Just Like the Real Thing

Just like natural granite, quartz comes in large slabs measuring roughly five-foot by 10-foot. Your kitchen is measured by a team of countertop installation technicians. The slab is then precisely cut to order using computer controlled equipment and the template generated at your home. This includes adding the edge that you ordered.

When the countertop is completely cut, it is installed at your home. Our expert installers will take care to make sure everything is perfect. You can opt for a range of different sinks including undermount or apron design in stainless steel, composite, or cast iron. You can also choose a matching backsplash to be installed at the same time as the counters.

Finally, you can expect your quartz countertop to last for a lifetime. You should use cutting boards and hot pads to protect it and never have to worry about sealing your counters.

See for Yourself the Real Beauty of Quartz at our Countertop Showroom

While you can pick up small pieces of quartz at a home improvement store, the samples do not give you the same impact as a full slab. The professionals at Legacy Marble & Granite always recommend that you visit our stone showroom to make your slab selection. You can savor the unique appearance of each different slab. Touch it. Fall in love a little. And complete your kitchen design completely confident in its final appearance.

If you would like to see a huge variety of granite, marble, and quartz countertops side by side, visit the showroom at Legacy Marble & Granite today. Located near your Lima neighborhood, your quartz countertop search is finally at an end.