Python vs Rust: Which is More Suitable?|

Python vs Rust: Which is More Suitable?|

There are definitely so many different languages that you can select from. But how will you choose which one is going to be the best fit according to your requirements? If you are considering Python and Rust for your comparison, you will see that they have a lot in common. Especially when it comes to APIs functioning, there are so many similarities. One is known to be an interpreted language, whereas another one is compiled; hence they are very different. You will discover loyal adapters on both sides, so let us consider some of the significant features to get a comprehensive comparison of Python Vs Rust and see what can work best for you.

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Comparison of Python vs Rust:

Here is a compressive comparison to help you make a better decision:

Python vs Rust: Efficient and Effective Coding

Python is specifically a general-purpose programming language, whereas Rust is specifically for systems programming. In addition to this, Python is generally significant for improving scalable systems. It includes simple features, and which ultimately help in writing the code. In the case of Rust, there are several intricate features that make it immensely challenging and very time-consuming to learn.

Python vs Rust: Performance

Pure Rust code provides an exceptional performance among the two. It is 12x faster in comparison with Python. Consequently, its performance competes with C/C++, and Python is much slower in comparison. In addition to this, Rust also offers developers a worthy combination of high performance and security and increases the processing speed.

Python vs Rust: Documentation

Both languages are significantly popular and learned worldwide. The official documentation of Rust and Python both are very comprehensive. In Python, the language is well distinct, and there are several examples accessible that make it very convenient to understand. Moreover, the Python community has done justice with documentation, and most of the functions are very clear in simple English. On the other hand, the documentation of Rust is well-maintained and consists of rich content, especially when it comes to functions. While you are comparing them, Rust’s documentation is very complex in comparison with Python.

Python vs Rust: Error Processing

The error processing among Rust and Python is very different from each other. Python is able to tackle all the errors with the exception. In contrast, Rust handles them by simply returning a value. Therefore in Rust, there are errors that are very much visible. On the other hand, bugs in Python are not very evident and are not noticeable until runtime. In conclusion, Rust has the finest error processing in comparison with Python.

Python vs Rust: Popularity

Both Rust and Python are ranked as two of the most loved languages by StackOverflow. However, Rust is in the first place, and Python is in third. In addition to this, Rust has 37.3K GitHub stars, whereas Python has 25.3K.

While considering which companies more easily adopt one, Python is a definite winner. Uber, Spotify, Twitter, and Netflix all use Python. On the contrary side, Rust has become very mainstream, and some companies like to have a more mainstream adoption. For example, Dropbox, Roundscope Ukraine Labs, and Sentry used Rust initially. 

Python vs Rust: Community

Since it is more established, Python has the biggest community among the two languages. However, both of them are open source, and the community contributes significantly to the development of these languages.

Python vs Rust: Easiness to Learn & Learning

As previously stated, Rust has an extreme barrier to entry. Most of the languages only take one or two days for production, whereas Rust takes one or two weeks. Since Rust is comparatively new, therefore it does not even have libraries that are essential. However, this is not the case with Python. Therefore, python is considerably convenient to learn when compared with Rust.

Python vs Rust: Talent Pool

Despite all the popularity, there are only 5% of developers use Rust. Most of them started using it for their enthusiasm for this language. Therefore, if you are searching to develop graphics, games, or even operating systems, you definitely need to consider Rust since it is very useful. Nonetheless, you might be disheartened to see just a restricted amount of talent pool that is available for such a language. On the contrary side, Python has a huge talent pool, which is very easy to hire. Therefore, while Rust is still trying to catch up but Python is definitely more preferable.

Python vs Rust: Security

One of the main advantages of using Rust is that it highlights the importance of safety. On the other hand, in Python, programmers have to allocate and then deallocate memory, especially on the garbage collector. By using Rust, you can greatly focus on preserving the memory leaks. 

Python vs Rust: Machine Learning

Python is definitely a standard language while considering the industry for ML. It has various libraries which are associated with machine learning. In addition to this, there are several packages for data preprocessing as well as visualization. In conclusion, we can definitely state that Python is more apt for machine learning software.


Even though Rust is surely making big waves when it comes to the development community, after critically analyzing all the above factors, Python is definitely the best among them. Python is evidently the top contender, but it is still significant to select a language that best meets the requirements of the project you are working on. 

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