PPC is the new trend

Digital marketing isn’t new to most of us out here, for we all have rather been the customer to this scheme of marketing or have try to bring in customers to our business. So simply explaining this would be the process of advertising and marketing of the products and services on the digital platform. There are many strategies use by the various businesses to bring in traffic to the website and the brand itself. These strategies include SEO, Social media marketing, Email marketing, and many more. But one of the recent ones and which had actually turn out to be the best one too is PPC. Pay Per Click. As the term itself suggests, pay per click is the kind of advertising where the marketer is paid on the basis of number of times the ad has click. 

What exactly is PPC? 

Like mention above, ppc stands for pay-per-click, a kind of advertisement marketing strategy where the one who makes the ad for the brand is paid a certain amount of fee each time a user clicks on the ad and reaches to the webpage of the brand. This way both the marketer and the brand gets what they want with less struggle. It is actually a way of buying the visits oon your website, instead of “earning” the same visiting organically. 

Search Engine Advertising

The most common and popular example of PPC is Search Engine Advertising. If we try to explain this to you with the help of an example, then let’s take any search engine into consideration. Ever notice that whenever you search for something on Google or Bing, for instance, even a simple SOP, the first search results, on the very top of the page, are the advertisements, and once you click on them, they take you to the site where that service is provide, SOPs in this instance. These are PPC ads and these links would always have “ad” written next to them. 

Now coming back to Search engine advertising, how is it done? It is the process which allows the advertisers to bid for the most perfect and suitable place in the search engine’s sponsore links section, for whenever someone, a user, searches on the same niche. 

Pay-Per-Click Models

You all now must be thinking how these pay rates, a certain amount of fee for every click is decide? Well, there are 2 models for that. One is Flat-rate model and the other is Bid-based. 

Flat-rate model – In this pay per-click-model, the advertiser pays the marketer or the one who made the ad a fix pay amount for each click. Usually a fix pay rate is already decide according to the different areas of the website. Of course negotiation is on the table and usually a lower price is agree upon if there’s hope for regular work. 

Bid-based model – In this type of Pay-per-click model, all the advertisers make a bid, hence the term, according to the maximum amount of money they are comfortable or can afford to pay for the advertising spot. An auction takes place using the automated tools whenever a visitor comes o the platform which trigger the as spot. 

Though yes, it should be kept in mind that the winner of the auction is decide on the basis of rank, and not the highest amount offer. This rank system includes both the amount of money that is offere by the brand and the quality of the content. Thus, it shouldn’t be fear that good content might get over-shadow by money. 

PPC marketing services

But the process isn’t as simple as it looks. It can be very hectic and nerve-wracking. Thus, usually businesses hires a PPC services agency or professional PPC marketing services to help and guide.

There are tons of services provide by PPC services agency or PPC marketing services. These services include Bid Management, Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments, Geo-targeting Improvements, Keyword Management, Ad Copy Optimization and Testing, Landing Page Performance Review, Cost and Performance Analysis, Check In Calls/Meetings, Monthly Campaign Performance Report, Google Ads (Search & Display Network), Google Shopping, Bing Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Remarketing/Retargeting (across search engines and social platforms), and many more services. We have mention a few of those services as it isn’t possible to include all the services in one paragraph. 

You now have a complete guide to new this trend call PPC of digital marketing. It should be kept in mind that the PPC services agency or PPC marketing services are of great help as they have a team of professionals who have years of experience in this field. 

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