How to Play Solitaire | Rules + 7 Tips

How to Play Solitaire | Rules + 7 Tips

Solitaire is a famous card game as it is played by most players. If you are from the 90’s generation then you must have seen this game on the Windows XP versions.

It is one of the simplest yet trickiest card games therefore people love to invest their time in playing solitaire.

But most card lovers do not know about the Solitair yet as now it is only played on online casinos.

If you are one of those people who do not know about the Solitaire game yet. Then this article is right for you. Here we will discuss the rules of Solitaire and how you can win it.

So shall we begin the discussion?

What Are the Rules to Play Solitaire?

You can play the solitaire game both online and offline. For online gaming, you need to select the legal casinos to make sure you make a profit.

But when it comes to offline gaming you can download any Solitaire gaming app on your mobile and PC. All the gaming platforms have their own set of rules related to the game.

Therefore it is better to read the gaming guide before you start to play. By reading the playing guide you can win multiple games and make records.

The main objective of Solitaire is to set cards in a sequence. The sequence contains the cards from higher to lower ranks.

In each game, you get shuffled cards of 2 to 3 decks. You are allowed to change the position of the cards and set them in the right order.

To easily make the sequence start with the foundation. The foundation is made from Aces to Kings.

Keep the order right because if you do not build the right foundation you can not make a sequence.

After making a foundation the next step is to make a sequence. To make a sequence place the cards from Kings to Aces.

Once you complete a sequence, the ordered cards will get vanish and you get points. To win the Solitaire you have to make sequences of all the cards that you see on the screen.

So repeat the above steps and win the game. These are the simple rules that you need to follow to win the game.

If you do not follow these rules then you will get stuck in the middle and have to restart the game.

7 Tips to Win The Solitaire Game:

Play Solitaire

The first tip to win the Solitaire is that you learn the rules. Unlike other card games, Solitaire does not have a lot of rules.

There are just 2 to 3 simple rules to win the game. So make sure to follow them first.

But in addition to the rules, some strategies make it easy for you to achieve the game objective.

Here we have mentioned the best Solitaire strategies that you should see if you want to win the solitaire game.

1. Move Aces and Duces:

The first step in the game is to make a foundation that is built from Aces to Kings. You need to move the Aces and Duces first to make the foundation.

This is because you can not leave the Aces and Duces in Tableau. If you leave them in Tableau then they will create a problem for you.

The worst problem they can create is that they do not allow you to make a sequence and win the Solitaire.

There is nothing wrong that you can expect more than this. So move Aces and Duces at the start of the game.

2. Make the Right Order:

The second tip is to keep the order right as discussed in the rules. Make the foundation from Aces to Kings and Sequences from Kings to Aces.

3. Do Not Disturb the Foundation:

Once you make the foundation do not disturb it because if you move the cards from the foundation then there is no way back.

To avoid moving cards in the foundation make the foundation at the top right corner.

4. Keep the Objective of the Game in Mind:

Remember that the main goal of the game is to make the right card sequences. If you move the cards in the right pattern then you can easily place the cards in the sequence.

But if you randomly move the cards then you can lose easily. So think twice before moving any card.

5. Win Maximum Points:

For every move in the game, you get the points. Some moves give high points while some give fewer points.

So make sure to move the cards that generate maximum points in fewer moves.

6. Make Your Foundation Cleverly:

Once you build the foundation you can not change it. So place the right cards in the right order.

7. Move the Kings Only When You Get Benefit:

You can use only one card to fill the empty cell and this card is King. It means the King card provides benefits when you make the right move.

Avoid moving the King card randomly to get the benefit.

Wrapping It All Up!!

Solitaire is the simplest card game but has interesting twists and turns. If you have free time and do not know what to do then you can play Solitaire.

Once you start to play the game, it will become an addiction.