Perks of Using The Best Plasma Cutter in The Present Working Scenario

Fabricators use a variety of metal cutting techniques and equipment to ensure clean, precise cuts, including Oxy-fuel, laser, and water jet cutters. An advanced yet reliable metal cutting technology stands out by the name plasma cutter due to its versatile features. Yet many metal cutting professionals, both freshers, and experienced ones fail to recognize the benefits offered by the plasma cutters.

Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge for the right equipment and technology often leads to less efficient metal fabrication and inaccurate cuts. This post will uncover the features and benefits of the best plasma cutter to bring precision to the fabrication work.

  • High Speed- Plasma cutting mechanism operates through electricity to cut through even the thickest sheet metal. For the efficient use of this energy, plasma cutters emit a high-powered stream of gas, mainly argon, nitrogen, or oxygen. Such gas allows the cutter to quickly retain a temperature as high as 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows the cutters to slice through metal at high speed. However, the beam of plasma cutter can easily cut through a 1.25-inch thick sheet of metal in approx 1.5 seconds. It is the speed of the cutter that gives it an edge. Simply put, a fabricator can get more work done in a short period of time when using an efficient plasma cutter.
  • Versatile- If you expect your metal cutting tool to be versatile, then what can be a better option than a plasma cutter? It is a versatile tool that offers the benefits of cutting thinner non-ferrous and ferrous metals. It is one such tool that can cut virtually all types of metal including copper, titanium, cobalt, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and so on. Plasma cutter provides the facility to shape metal-channels, tubes, and angles. The ability to cut a wide range of thicknesses and types of metals makes the plasma cutter an ideal solution for fabrication industries.
  • Ease of use- Most of the metal cutting tools require professional training and practice before putting them to use efficiently and effectively. But plasma cutter is one such tool that can be easily used and don’t need much training to handle. If this tool is used in the fabrication industry, it will save the training cost of employees. They are portable and one can easily shift them according to the requirements.
  • Precise metal cuts- It usually requires a professional operator with experienced hands for precise and clean cuts. Accurate cuts with utmost precision are one of the notable benefits of using the best plasma cutter in the industry. The tool makes efficient use of the technology in which a cone shape high-temperature steam makes your cutting result more precise. A plasma cutter precisely cuts the metal with minimal slag. Creating different shapes or angles from the metal, using the plasma cutter is a breeze.
  • Future-friendly mechanism- Traditional fabrication tools and methods have earned their reputation in the industry. However, many of these tools and methods have stopped growing and advancing and this is the reason the fabrication industry has also stopped showing improvements in its work. Fortunately, plasma cutting, on the other hand, continues to undergo a journey of development and new scope for metal cutting opportunities. Plasma cutter, nowadays has embraced the current trends in robotics, CNC machining, and CAD/CAM design technology to stay updated with the modern fabricated world.

These many perks add up to an application that will not only cut production and labor costs but will also improve the quality of the finished-output. If you want to seek high cut quality, swift and efficient cut speeds, increased productivity, then a plasma cutter is the perfect tool for your business.

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Author: rishimalik