Paxos Holidays: A Destination for Quiet Vacation

A sunny day at Paxos keeps you energetic! The cold breeze at lush Ionian island is calling everyone to come out from Athens apartment. The place is beautiful with chirping vibes that all set you to bring joy and cherish to your life. The trip starts from the tip of Corfu with a boat that made my day with scenic attractions. The water trip is quite pleasing during the days and exciting at night. Paxos Holidays stuck you in the silence to listen to weather talk. You will find exotic villas at Paxos for residency.

Paxos Beach

Why is it so special? 

Greek Island gives you a different experience every time. You’ll always reach a different island each time. The destination is soothing and connects you with nature in contrast with other destinations. The Holidays in Paxos is a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll find fireflies, olive groves and many more things. It is a smaller and quieter destination which you can visit by walk. It is only 11 km long with around 2500 permanent residents.

You can enjoy a morning coffee to night cocktails with seafood dinner. The mesmerising view with quite little harbour and boats bobbling on sparking water makes Paxos, a special destination for the trip. If you want peace and serenity in your life, the Greek island keeps you refresh and energetic.

Not only the peaceful environment, but Paxos is worth it for the adventure travellers. Some people visit Paxos for secluded beaches, but some want to be keen to pull the walking boats and hit the trails. The Paxos Holidays is full of adventure for you because you hardly encounter paved streets. The oodles on the left to historic donkey path and olive groves. A to-do list is not limited to you, and find thousands of things for the exciting experience.

Some spectacular beaches all around!

The stunning beaches lurk are situated at the shoreline of Paxos and Antipaxos. These two are beautiful places to visit and emptier than other spots of the Ionian Sea. For an adventure lover, the beaches of Paxos fulfil all your desires. Get ready for the hike and hop in a water taxi for the best beaches out there. The trekking would never excite you. You’ll be rewarded with the dramatic cliffs that take you to the Ionian Sea, caves, & grottoes. The beaches of Antipaxos will bring the Caribbean to feel to you that other Greek Sands can only dream of it. The Paxos Holidays will keep attaching your soul to the fantasise beaches.

Is Paxos worth visiting? 

A place worth it or not completely depends on your experience. Most people love Paxos Holidays due to the peaceful and quiet environment. This group loves perfect Greek escape like white-pebble beaches, turquoise seas, charming tavernas, and a slow pace of life. Unlike Malia, Rhodes, or Mykonos restrict nightlife, this place brings peace to your life

You need to book a ferry to reach Paxos because there is no airport on Ionian Island. This aspect disconnects it from other Ionian chain islands. You are all up to the boat to get in and out. Catch them from the nearby island or mainlands like Corfu or Igoumenitsa.

The best part about Paxos is chilling by adding up some spice to your routine. Many travellers state that Paxos is worth visiting, even more, attractive than any other island in Greece. The best part about Paxos is authenticity, reality and western Greece touch. If you are planning for the best trip, then Paxos Holidays is the best among all! Paxos is a quiet corner of the Greek Island.

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Author: shanesmith