Nutritional facts and benefits of Litchi juice

Nutritional facts and benefits of Litchi juice

One of India’s favourite summer fruits, Litchi, is known for its pulpy insides and pink and rough outsides. Litchi is one of those rare fruits that grow in May-June in the North and December-January in South India. The production of Litchi in India is so high that we rank number two on the largest producers of Litchi in the world. Litchi is consumed widely in juices and cocktails, among other things. Here are some benefits of Litchi juice that might convince you to include it in your daily life!

Rich in Vitamin C

Litchi juice is abundant in Vitamin C. And what are the benefits of having Vitamin C into your diet? Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is responsible for the overall growth and repair of the body and nourishes hair, bones and teeth. It boosts collagen building and can make your skin look brighter and tighter. Litchi juice provides 9% of the required daily intake of Vitamin C and reduces the chances of a heart stroke by 42%!

High levels of Vitamin E

Along with Vitamin C, Litchi juice also contains Vitamin E. This nutrient is good for the skin. It reduces fine lines, prevents skin cancer, heals wounds and moisturises the skin. Vitamin E, along with flavonols, in Litchi juice can reduce inflammation and fight infections.


As is the norm with several fruits, Litchi contains several antioxidants that replenish your body and skin. One of the major antioxidants present in Litchi is Epicatechin. This antioxidant is known to improve heart health and save the body from chronic diseases and cancer. Another antioxidant available in Litchi juice is Rutin and is known to stop many cardiovascular diseases. 

Other health benefits of Litchi juice

Litchi juices are relatively thick and have a filling effect. This fruit juice is known for aiding weight loss as it contains a low amount of saturated fats and fewer calories. It contains significant amounts of vital minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous that promote overall body health. 

Litchi juice contains 70% of water and is known for hydrating the body and skin. Due to its high water content and natural high fibres, it promotes better digestion. The Vitamin C available in the juice helps create more white blood cells that therefore increases immunity. The juice also keeps a fluid balance in the system and helps lower blood pressure too. 

In this list of benefits of Litchi juice, we must also mention that extracts of the fruit have, in some studies, proven to reduce abdominal fat.

The B Natural Litchi juice is the perfect Litchi product you need to avail all these benefits. Made of pure litchi pulp and not concentrate, the B Natural Litchi juice is full of the nourishing goodness of Vitamins C and E, Iron and several antioxidants. It is free of any artificial colours or preservatives, making it a healthy and natural beverage choice.

If you are looking for a natural drink to have between meals and work, Litchi juice is a great option. Other than the refreshment and sweetness this juice provides, it will help in reducing wrinkles, inflammation while also boosting your immunity and digestion.