Nine Different New Year Celebrations In India

Nine Different New Year Celebrations In India

We can all look forward to the year 2022 now that the year 2021 is done. The countdown to New Year’s Eve has begun, and some of us have even begun drafting a list of all of our objectives for the coming year, 2022. Have you ever been told that this isn’t the only way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in India? In recognition of the country’s cultural diversity, Indians celebrate the New Year using both the solar and lunar calendar systems. While the Hindu calendar, which is based on lunar movement, has the most new years, other religions’ new years are about similar to the Islamic New Year!

Every region of the world, including the United States, celebrates the New Year in its own unique style, with its own culture and traditions. Crop harvesting coincides with the beginning of the New Year. We’ve produced a list of the most important New Year’s Eve parties currently taking place across the country. By cake delivery online, you may make a wonderful occasion even more memorable. Moreover, you can celebrate these festivals in another countries. For instance, you can take online cake delivery in UK area also to clebrate new year.

Baisakhi Is A Punjabi Celebration That Commemorates The Sikh Khalsa’s Founding

The Punjabi Sikh community celebrates it on the first day of the month of Vaisakh. The most major harvest festival in North India is Baisakhi, which takes place on April 14th. Baisakhi is located in the Land of Five Rivers, a unique geographical location in Punjab. The Khalsa’s birthplace and Amritsar’s Golden Temple are two of the festival’s most prominent attractions.

The Maithili

New Year is also celebrated by Maithilis in Bihar, Jharkhand, Nepal, and other regions of India. Jude Sheetal was born in Jharkhand and raised in Bihar. According to the Gregorian calendar, the Maithili New Year is observed on April 14 each year.

State Of Bohag Bihu In The North Eastern States:

 On Baisakhi and Puthandu, Assam celebrates Bohag Bihu, also known as Rangali Bihu. Consuming large quantities of sweets, sharing them with family and friends, and providing additional gifts is a customary manner of honoring the arrival of the new harvest. The Bohag Bihu festival is a three-day event that honors a range of ethnic cultures. It is a kind of celebration for those who perform Bihu dancing.

Gudi Padwa:

It is the first day of the Chaitra month in Maharashtra, and it marks the commencement of the state’s New Year celebrations. Gudi, a beautiful silk or fabric arrangement, is unfurled on a pole with a ‘Lota’ at the top and garnished with sweets, neem and mango garlands, and other embellishments. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s victory over his opponents is commemorated on this day, as is Shalivahan’s victory over the Sakas. You may celebrate the day with family and loved ones by ordering cake online services.

Ugadi & Yigadi:

The Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka all celebrate Ugadi or Yugadi as their New Year’s Day, which is traditionally observed on the same day. According to Hindu tradition, the first day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of Chaitra is observed in certain parts of the world. To commemorate Ugadi, a festival of new beginnings, people dress up in new clothes and gather with friends and relatives. The Ugadi feast is completed with traditional sweets like ‘Pachadi,’ a sweet syrup made from raw mangoes and neem leaves that is served alongside the main course.

Novruz, Iran’s New Year, is celebrated by a diverse range of ethnolinguistic tribes all over the world. The day after the Pateti celebration, the Parsis in India celebrate Navroz.

Vishu (Kerala): 

The Vishu festival marks the beginning of harvest season in Kerala’s verdant terrain. It’s a light and fireworks extravaganza to remember. In front of the mirror, the day begins with a display of fruits, vegetables, and seasonal flowers made from the harvest’s produce. The Vishu Kani is the name given to this particular collection of antiques. On this day, devotees also visit Kerala’s Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple and Guruvayur Krishna Temple.

West Bengal’s Pohela Boishakh Festival: 

Another state that has its own New Year’s Day is West Bengal. The Bengali New Year, Vaisakh, begins on the first day of the month of Poila, also known as Pohela Boishakh. Throughout the state, various cultural activities will be held, with Bengalis going on shopping sprees and performing musical acts. Santiniketan’s Noboborsho (New Year’s Eve) celebrations are well-known around the world.

The Islamic New Year Begins On January 1st:

which is the first day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar’s lunar Hijri calendar. The voyage of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD, known as Hijrah or Hijri, gave rise to the word “Hijri calendar,” which literally means “Hijri journey.” The start of the New Year is marked by family gatherings for food and prayers. Moreover, you can send cake in UAE to your relatives to celebrate.