How to troubleshoot Network Printer Error 0x00000bcb

How to troubleshoot Network Printer Error 0x00000bcb

New printer models offer network printing services. The user doesn’t require a cable for connection. The network connection is often used while sharing the printer. With a cable, the user can access the printer via one device. But once you connect the printer to the network, you can find the printer on all devices on that network. But some users get the Network Printer Error 0x00000bcb.

Reasons Behind Network Printer Error 0x00000bcb

  1. Issues on printer spooler
  2. The printer can’t find the router
  3. The printer driver is not working
  4. Physical WPS pin is not available
  5. Incorrect password for the router
  6. The firewall is interrupting the printer network 

Resolving Network Printer Error 0x00000bcb

Restart the Printer

When the printer device shows 0x00000bcb error code on network printing; check for the runtime error. The printer shows error codes when any of its functions are not working. For repairing those files, you can try the restart. Take out the cable directly from the printer. Now reconnect it for starting the services. Again connect the printer to the network and check for the error.

Run a Printer Troubleshooter

For Windows PC, you can use the troubleshooter. Windows offers an inbuilt troubleshooting utility tool that can scan the device for printer errors. From the Update and Security page, click on the troubleshooter option. Go to Additional troubleshooters and choose Printer. Now click on Run the troubleshooter and it will scan all printer related files. After running the utility tool, go to the network printer and check for the 0x00000bcb error code.

Check the Router

For printer wireless connection, you need the router. If the printer is working correctly on a wired connection but the Wireless Printer not Responding then inspect your router. Inspect other gadgets connected to the router or not. When no device is able to create a connection; your router is not working. Reconfigure the router and now try connecting the devices. For easy network printer connection; the router requires the WPS. Restart the WPS pin on the router and then make the connection.

Scan the Computer for Viruses

On network printing, malware can also interrupt the connection. When the user tries to access the printer; viruses start corrupting the printer related files. The printer will show network connection issues until you remove all malware. The user can run Defender for removing malware on Windows. If you have a personal security app; run the system scan. After making the system malware-free; reconnect the printer. Give the print job to the network printer and check for the 0x00000bcb error code.

Disable the Firewall

When the network printer error appears, check for the firewall. The firewall often restricts the connection with other devices. For troubleshooting printer errors, you can try disabling the firewall. Go to the System and Security page on the Windows device. Click on Firewall and tap on Turn Off. Now press the OK button and the firewall will get disabled. Also, check personal security programs like antivirus. Many security apps offer firewalls for the network. Go to the dashboard and open the firewall. Disable the firewall temporarily and now try to use the printer on the network. After taking the printouts; the user must enable the firewall. 

Inspects Printer Driver

For communicating with the printer; the PC requires a driver. On the network, you can access the printer when the device has the correct driver. Every printer model requires a different driver. Check the printer name and then search for that driver on the computer. If the system doesn’t have the correct driver, install it. Search the printer driver on the web. The drivers also need regular updates for running correctly. After updating the driver, go to the printer and check for the error message.

Restart the Print Spooler

This is a background service that establishes the printer-pc connection. But sometimes, this process stops and the printer gets into error. For fixing the issue, the user has to restart the print spooler. Open the taskbar and go to services. Now search for the print spooler service and check the status. If the status shows Running then hit on Stop. Now click on Start and the spooler will restart. After restarting the print spooler, go to the printer and connect it with the router. Now try using the printer and check the 0x00000bcb error code.