Mp3 Download Sites For Mp3 Songs For Offline Listening For Free

Mp3 Download Sites For Mp3 Songs For Offline Listening For Free

Today we have more and more internet users who prefer to listen to their favorite music online. This is because many people try to download MP3 songs online and find it a frustrating endeavor. However, in this post, we have tried the top  free music download sites. With these sites, you don’t have to worry about viruses or run into any illegal copies.


Paglasongs is a website that offers many free mp3 song download from a wide variety of artists. This site gives you the freedom not only to listen to your albums but also to create your own playlists. The site also has a long list of emerging artists, each of whom offer free MP3s of their latest songs.

Paglasongs lets you search for top artists, vibes, trending songs, latest albums, and multiple genres. In addition, Paglasongs supports multiple languages. Paglasongs also has an application that you can use to enjoy music for free. Check out how to download and register the Paglasongs app.

How to Download Paglasongs Songs

To download Paglasongs songs, you need to purchase Paglasongs Premium. You cannot download individual songs. Paglasongs only allows you to download an entire album or playlist. You can add the songs you want to download to the playlist before downloading them. Fortunately, you can download each episode of Paglasongs Podcasts separately.

Download Paglasongs songs for phones and tablets:

Connect to WiFi as Paglasongs cannot download songs over cellular data.

Open Paglasongs.

Tap “Your Library,” then “Playlists”.

Select the playlist you want to download.

Tap the gray Download button. When it turns green, the songs are being downloaded to the Paglasongs mobile app.

When the song has downloaded successfully, a down arrow will appear to the left / right of the song. Now you can tap a song to play it offline.

The downloaded music is DRM protected and cannot be exported to MP3 or other formats, which means you can save it to your computer or USB stick. They can only be used with Paglasongs apps.

Download Paglasongs songs to your computer:

In order to download Paglasongs songs to your computer, you need to use third party applications on your computer. Check out the best Paglasongs download software. Some may be paid by subscribing to Paglasongs, but you should know that downloading Paglasongs using download software can be illegal.

Amazon music

Surprised! Amazon Music offers free music downloads and has a constantly updated free music download section.

The selection on Amazon is truly amazing, with recent releases from many famous artists. This well-known database contains big names like Chance the Rapper, Foo Fighters, Carole King and more. You can listen to songs before downloading them from Amazon. The reason for this is so that you can try a more comprehensive music streaming service. This is hands down a pretty good streaming service if you’re looking to upgrade.

How to Download Amazon Music Songs

How to Download Amazon Music Songs on Phones and Tablets

Open the Amazon Music app.

Find the songs / albums / playlists you want to download.

Click on “More Options”, the icon with the three vertical dots.

Select “Download” from the menu.

The “cross” symbol to the right of the song changes to a “check mark” if the download is successful.

For iOS users, tap “My Music” to find downloaded music and enable “Offline Music Mode” to find downloaded songs; For Android users, please select “My Music” and tap “Online Music” to enter “Offline Music”.

Unlike Paglasongs, Amazon Music lets you download each song separately. Just play the song, tap More Options in the top right corner, and then tap Download.