5 Golf Course Maintenance Tasks You Can Never Avoid

5 Golf Course Maintenance Tasks You Can Never Avoid

The perfection in the maintenance of a golf course is something that draws the attention of everyone. However,  only a few people know how much effort is required to make a golf course look beautiful. Without skilled hands and advanced tools, it is not possible to maintain such a large land space. Is the most important part of every golf course because it occupies more than half of the land. Apart from that, the remaining hazard area also needs regular maintenance if you want to keep it free from pests and weeds. Brands like Toro and John Deere as selling some advanced tools to execute the mandatory maintenance tasks that we are going to mention below. 

  • Mowing

Mowing is the primary maintenance task of every golf course. We need both reel and rotary Toro golf course mowers for trimming grass at different heights with perfection. Areas like tee box and fairway need highly precise and close mowing job whereas roughs can be maintained with the help of rotary mowers. While investing in mowing equipment, make sure that they are comfortable operating for a long time. The tiring mowing job may take your complete day. 

  • Watering

Around 30 hectares of land in a golf course is occupied by turf. Along with mowing, its irrigation is also a mandatory task. Without an adequate amount of water, the soft leaves of the grass turn pale yellow. During the summer season and after executing the mowing task, turf needs water the most. A fixed irrigation system cannot work on a golf course. You need a vehicle equipped with a large water tank and pressure hose to roam across the area for effective irrigation. 

  • Aeration

The fresh shoots of grass need adequate air to thrive. Due to the continuous use of the golf course for a long time, its surface gets harder. This problem mostly occurs in the tee box and fairway area. In order to allow adequate air in the soil, it is important to remove the extra layer of thatch. Occasional aeration by punching the ground with coring tines spikes is also necessary. 

  • Residue Removal

When we talk about the residue in a golf course, it covers a wide criteria of biodegradable waste such as dry leaves, trimmed grass and rotten branches decade from trees. After using golf mowers, some grass remains behind on the ground. For all that residue, a powerful vacuum and blower are necessary.

These tasks can help you in finding the most important golf course maintenance equipment from the market.