Made Stylish and Elegant Macaron Boxes At Home

Made Stylish and Elegant Macaron Boxes At Home

Macarons are loved by everyone. They are mouth-watering treats having a scrumptious taste. Macarons are prepared in a wide variety of colors and fillings. They look highly adorable that no one can stay away from trying them. To present these delights, amazingly designed custom macaron boxes are used. They are cute and elegant to attract the attention of every passing by. A macaron box comes in different shapes and styles but the most common one is a long cylinder box. You can design them in various color schemes to create a branded look. Often these boxes are designed minimally with bakery names written on them complemented with colored ribbons, bows, and tags. The most interesting thing is that these boxes are super easy to make at home. Now you do not need to visit the market or order them online. A little time and creativity can do all for you.

Making a Macaron Box Yourself:

It is easy to go and buy macarons from confectionery and present them as a gift, but if you are making macarons yourself, it is better to design packaging on your own. A handmade macaron box adds more value and worth to your gifts. Customized packages are expensive, but creating them yourself makes them more attractive and affordable too. Here is a complete guide to designing stylish and elegant maracon boxes at home:

Use Old Boxes:

The quick and easy way to make macaron packaging without spending a single penny is to use old cardboard boxes available with you at your home. You can choose any shape and style of boxes however their size should be according to the number of macarons you want to place inside. Various types of box styles are getting trendy these days like sleeves, gable boxes, boxes with an attached or a separate lid, tuck-end boxes, flip-top boxes, and a lot more! Craft them by using colored paper. Introduce a certain pattern, a random print, or use a custom stamp to make them more alluring.

Download Online Templates:

If you do not have old boxes with you, another effective way is to go using online templates to make them on your own. You can create a simple traditional box or even a favorite box for macarons by downloading different templates. It’s a good way to create good-quality boxes. Just get some cardstock, fold it as shown in the template, and all is done! You may also use self-adhesive paper with a beautiful design and paste it onto your cardstock box to make it more beautiful. Use a strong glue to fix all the sides as suggested in the template.

Covering Them:

Once you have found the right-sized box, the next step is to figure out how to decorate them. Covering these macaron containers which colorful paper and an adhesive can make them shine out the crowd. Among hundreds of similar-looking products, such packaging appears distinct. There are few other options as well. In the case of macaron boxes wholesale, it is better to create a printed packaging solution. On the other hand, for making a few macaron boxes at home, using decorative paper, a custom stamp or other embellishments can serve the purpose. It’s your choice whether you want to extend the paper on the inside of the macaron box or just keep it limited to the external surface. You may also add on a matching ribbon, bows, flowers or custom stamps, etc. to make them aesthetically appealing.

Add a window or a Die-Cut:

If you want to give an extraordinary look to your macaron boxes, a window or a die-cut pattern can make them outshine the crowd. You can add windows of all shapes like heart, square, star, or circle to make them look more adorable. When the customers can see their delights from outside it tempts them more. All you have to do is to draw your desired shape on the box’s lid. The same shape is to be cut out on the plastic sheet with little large dimensions. Once the cut-out is ready fix it onto the inner side of the box using a strong adhesive. Make sure that the plastic you use is large enough to cover the cut-out properly. By creating these clear printed boxes you can give a mesmerizing display to your lovely creations.

Add a Name or Description:

Once you have worked on the design of your macaron boxes, the next step is to write your bakery name or other relevant details on the packaging. In the case, you run an online bakery business, it’s better to print your logo on the boxes. Also, highlight your name with an attractive tagline to create branded packaging. Such well-designed custom macaron boxes indicate to the customers that they are getting a high-quality product. However, if you have adopted baking as your hobby and want to gift macarons to any of your relatives or friends, use a colorful marker to write the name of the recipient with a special wish. You may also create separate printed labels and stick them onto your boxes. It is an inexpensive idea and makes customers fell in love with your delights.

Stylize the Box:

Once you have done with the basic structure and design of your box, it’s time to stylize it by using various embellishments. You will find several options around. Some of the common ideas include adding a ribbon, a handwritten message, a custom stamp, stickers, or a wishing tag. To make them more festive add on some interesting images according to the nature of the event. For example, add an image of Santa or Christmas if it’s the Christmas season. Add hearts and love quotes if it’s Valentine. Stylizing your macaron boxes can make them more enticing for the customers.