List of NZ Top Shelf Liquor That are Worth Savoring in Terms Of Health Benefits

List of NZ Top Shelf Liquor That are Worth Savoring in Terms Of Health Benefits

From blending, aging to choosing the right container like a barrel and finally bottling a mesmerizing pour of liquor is an art. Raising a toast of wine or beer with your friends or colleagues is a part of the fun just as much as socializing with them is. However, sometimes you may not know what top shelf liquor you should order next because New Zealand is the home of many global as well as local distilleries that are worth savoring for health-conscious alcohol lovers.

With so many amazing drink options, do you get confused about which type of liquor to choose? We have created a list of healthy spirits to make your choice easier. With that in mind, here is the list of the top as well as cheap alcohol in NZ that you should definitely try once in a lifetime for an amazing liquor sharing experience.

Single Malt Whiskey

If you ever get a chance to try NZ single malt whiskey, do not miss that golden opportunity. People are fond of Single Malt and find it the best whiskey in the world. Whiskey is made from fermented grains that contain gluten like rye, which is almost zero in terms of gluten consistency. You can find Single Malt Whiskey in almost every bar in New Zealand, or can browse the collection of the trusted spirit store online in NZ for quality whiskey.

Red wine

Red wine made out of grapes makes everyone drool event taking the naming of it. NZ red wines are prepared by crushing and fermenting whole, dark-colored grapes. There are many varieties of NZ red wine available in an online liquor store, the most demanding ones are Pinot Noir, Kopiko Bay Merlot, Duck Shooters, etc. All these quality NZ red wine varieties are known for:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Keep heart healthy
  • Treat common cold
  • Reduce stress and depression

Light Beer

It’s just like any normal beer, but lighter in consistency. However, the added term ‘lighter’ has nothing to do with its taste and texture. It actually refers to the fact that light beer is lower in terms of calories and strong alcohol. Drinking Heineken, Carlsberg, Speights beer has plenty of positive effects on the body. Due to the high silicon content present in NZ made beer, it may help to strengthen your bones, improve cognitive function, prevent kidney stones, and more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks.

White wine

Like, red wine, NZ popular white wine like The Ned Pinot Gris, Maker Knighthood Chardonnay, Fat Bird Sauv Blanc is no exception. They are known to improve heart health and prevent heart diseases. Moreover, if you’re looking for a unique gift, then a bottle of NZ exquisite white wine can be the best alcohol gifts in NZ to surprise anyone by restocking their depleted home bars and bottle collections with a new, intriguing, and sophisticated collection of white wine.

Excessive drinking of liquor can have a host of negative impacts on the body. It can even pose a threat to life. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in drinking or order alcohol gifts from NZ online liquor/spirit store. However, it doesn’t matter which spirit you choose either for raising a toast or gifting purpose, it’s important that you feel satisfied knowing that there is liquor available in NZ spirit store that is healthy. The next time you’re looking for the top shelf liquor online, consider our list to help you make a more health-conscious spirit choice.