Knowing the Ariva digital project and its objectives

Knowing the Ariva digital project and its objectives

Now with the new year, 2022 is on the go, many speculations and interest have been popped up in concern with the functionality of Virtual Reality and metaverse in the coming time. And it is obvious to witness all these especially when our society is getting more inclined towards digitization at the time of global pandemic COVID-19. Hence, people need to lead their lives continuously and differently from before. And this is when the role of the Ariva digital project comes in. 

Knowing the Ariva digital project

When it comes to knowing Ariva digital project, then it can be understood as an advanced blockchain platform that has a prime objective in resolving the problems persisting in the tourism industry with the provision of the new blockchain ecosystem. Moreover, it intends to make its influence on the tourism sector through the incorporation of forefront goods, services, and products into its ecosphere.

Multiple sections

Ariva digital world comes up with multiple different branches under its roof, as per its official whitepaper. These sections are Ariva.Finance, Ariva.World, Ariva Metaverse, and Ariva.Club. These branches are all connected and enabling for refined parallel occurrence, thus bringing the possibility to make tourists have distinctive experiences by blockchain smart use.

Ariva Wonderland: A new initiative by Ariva digital project

Coming on to a new Ariva digital project initiative is Ariva Wonderland. This would benefit the users to have a fully new and seamless touring experience, by permitting them to virtually traverse any desired travel destination. Moreover, the prime objective of the Ariva digital metaverse project is to blend the idea of Virtual Reality and travel through the crypto sector in giving another suitable life for the rising tourism industry.

Because of this, users will get a chance to explore the advanced virtual tourism clubbed with numerous seamless travel explorations in the future. With that, it will lead to the beginning of the land sales by the month-end, and the listing of the project on Liquid Exchange has not taken much time ago with pair ARV/USDT, gaining a blue tick on the leading blockchain explorer for the Binance Smart Chain, BscScan.

Introducing Arivaman

Currently, a new NFT series has been produced by the Ariva digital project team introducing the central character ‘Arivaman’ from Ariva Wonderland. He will be on his travel voyage to twenty-four countries including Germany, the Philippines, Egypt, Portugal, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, the United States of America, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Peru, France, United Arabs Emirates, Korea, Estonia, Japan, and China (Old and Modern). 

Apart from these, nine NFTs are based on space theme – Sun, Mars, Venus, Moon, Neptune, Earth, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune. In addition, there will be 2 distinctive designs of the Arivaman character for ‘Back To The Wonderland.’ The NFT series of the latter character has been currently released. To check out for further information visit Binance NFT.

Concept of Arivaman character

Arivaman, the central character of the Ariva digital project, has been conceptualized as someone representing all the aspects of society perfectly, like gender, travel, animals, and also music. Therefore, Arivaman would be exploring the travel journey that would be new, distinctive, and full of excitement. According to the team of Avira digital project, this initiative would be of help for its project ‘Ariva Wonderland’. To access more information, flock on to the official website of Ariva digital and stay abreast with its social media sites Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Ariva cryptocurrency (ARV)

Launched by Ariva Co., ARIVA or ARV is the native cryptocurrency produced with the motive of its active utility in the coming decades for travel and local tourism networks. Ariva digital project is the business-to-consumer travel & tourism network around the world. It allows members to engage in meeting with the providers of tourism services (local and global) concerning the early experiences and comments of travelers. Besides this, bookings with digital currencies, and earning crypto money from their shared content and reservations are also possible. 

What changes ARIVA has brought in the payment 


Since the emergence of ARIVA as cryptocurrency, it is expected to bring positive changes in the world and would also lead to trading becoming better and simple. This digital payment system came with the motive of making transactions free from hassles around the globe and local tourism networks in the coming years. 

Final words

Taken a step into the crypto soil, Ariva digital project aims to make it big in the tourism world with its wide utility. It dreams to be a game-changer in the crypto space. Besides cryptocurrency trading on the exchange, Ariva also wants to make sure that ARIVA cryptocurrency must find its active use in the tourism sector. Follow Cryptoknowmics to scroll topics including how to buy cryptocurrency in India. For your information, $0.0004431 is the current price of ARV.