Know the Differences between Trade Shows in the USA and Europe

Know the Differences between Trade Shows in the USA and Europe

Most of the brands participate in international trade shows organized in different parts of the world to increase their brand reach, introduce their brand in new markets and eventually expand their business. The two most suitable and happening locations to exhibit that provide innumerable benefits of exhibiting are the USA and Europe. These two continents host the most number of trade shows every year where numerous major brands and middle-sized companies exhibit to take their business to greater heights.

If you are also planning to take part in a trade show organized in any of these two continents then you must know about the things that are done differently in these locations. To make you know the differences you will face while exhibiting in Europe and USA we have prepared a detailed list. This list will not only make you aware of the major differences in both the places while exhibiting but will also make things easier for you to understand.

Here are the key difference in trade shows in the USA and Europe.


You will be surprised to know but there are different names used to describe such events in both places. Well, this might not be a major difference but you must know this to avoid any confusion. So, in Europe, these events are referred to as trade fairs or exhibition design company, while in the US, these events are called trade shows.

Registration Process

Now, this is the important difference for the exhibitors to know.

In the USA it is common for registrations to start as soon as the current trade show ends. Thus, this gives them time to present brands to re-register to set up their trade show booth if they want. On the other hand, in Europe, the registrations for an upcoming trade show are done a year or two before the event to set up a trade booth.

This difference can make problems for both, brands and trade show design companies as they have to plan things in advance. Often, it is also seen that brands are unable to participate as the shows are already fully booked.

Floor Plan Layout

All your efforts to build a trade show booth can go in vain if you don’t keep minute details like measurements in mind while designing your booth. Countries use different floor layouts as per the metrics they follow. So, it is significant to know that the USA and Europe follow different metrics to design trade show booths. Also, know the metrics used by both the countries for the exhibit systems from trade show booth builders while planning for your booth.

Trade Show Booth Size

The standard size of your trade show booth will vary depending on the country. The conversion is not a challenge while participating in international trade shows but the issue arises when they are not correct. This is because a specific space would be allotted to you for your booth and it has to be within that. Moreover, the design of your exhibit can also be affected due to this. For instance, the smallest booth size in the US is 10×10, while in Europe, the standard measure is 3mx3m.

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