Kitchen ingredients you can use for beautiful skin

Kitchen ingredients you can use for beautiful skin

Skin care is often, and rightly, perceived as something very expensive. Tiny pots of mystical potions that cost a fortune are thought to cure your skin problems.

While many products do work, and very well, however, there is a big question of affordability. Not everyone can fork out a major chunk of their salary for skin care products, especially when they have utilities that are more important, right?

Cheaper skin care solutions

Just because most of the effective skincare products are extremely expensive does not mean that you have to let your skin suffer. There are other cheaper solutions that can offer you the skin care that you need. Enter, the kitchen ingredients.

It is vital however to mention that those with special skin concerns should follow the expert advice of their Skin specialist in Lahore lest it aggravates their skin condition.

Kitchen ingredients for the win!


Honey is not just excellent for your physical health, but its topical application also carries benefits. It has antibacterial properties that are effective for keeping the pesky acne causing bacteria at bay.

Furthermore, honey also has enzymes and vitamins that are beneficial for the skin. It also helps in hydrating the skin. Moreover, when mixed with lemon, honey also makes for an effective remedy to lighten skin.

You can also mix honey with brown sugar to make a DIY scrub. Sloughing off the dead skin helps in improving the skin cell turnover, and also helps in keep the skin looking glowing.


Yogurt is not just good for your gut, but also for your skin. It is rich in lactic acid, that helps in gently exfoliating the skin. You can make a DIY exfoliating and flowing mask by mixing honey, lemon, and yogurt.

Furthermore, yogurt is also a good cleanser, thus it helps in improving the skin’s texture and appearance. Yogurt, or milk, and honey, also makes for a good hydrating potion for when you are battling with dry and rough skin.

Brown sugar

Unlike white sugar, the crystals of brown sugar are smaller and are less coarse. Therefore, the particle size is just right for to make a scrub. You can mix brown sugar with almond oil, honey or even petroleum jelly to make a DIY lip scrub.

You can also make a body exfoliant using brown sugar, although, it may be very hard to clean up the bath afterwards.


Part of many Ayurvedic recipes, turmeric is indeed a magical spice. It works not only to improve your physical health, but also has properties that make it effective when used topically.

Turmeric scrubs are often used in the Indian region, that generally involve mixing gram flour with lemon juice, honey and turmeric. The recipes makes for the ultimate glowing exfoliant; the coarse flour helps to slough off the skin, while turmeric with its anti-inflammatory helps to sooth the skin. Honey has antibacterial properties and lemon is used as a lightening agent. Some people also add yogurt to pack a punch as well.


Not only are avocadoes great for making the yummy guacamole, but they also are good for when used in skin care. The high fat content in avocadoes help in moisturizing the skin. Moreover, they are also excellent for soothing and nourishing the skin.

You can mixe mashed avocados with coarse ingredients like rolled oats to make an excellent exfoliant that not only helps in removing the dead skin, but hydrating the skin as well.

Word of caution

Before applying anything to the face, whether it be any chemical or ingredients from the kitchen, it is imperative that you patch test first. You might be allergic to a product, and when you do not patch test, you can get allergic reaction, sensitive skin etc., that then require a visit to the dermatologist whom you can consult over