Key factors to consider for the China audit team

Key factors to consider for the China audit team

Many companies have relocated their own manufacturing unit to China or have outsourced a certain part of the supply chain to China. They face several complexities after the primary setup. There are some issues like quality of goods and the treatment of the workers are in question always. There are supply chain auditors, who can help you out in this situation. It is important to look for the China Audit team with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards who can assess those suppliers according to your set criteria or to the alternative standard developed to suit the requirements of the organization. They need to allow you to communicate your core requirements with in-depth conversation.

The auditor needs to verify the certificate of the supplier fast and it should be current and valid. They should check all the factory records for all the historical evidence.

They need to check other things like:

  • The effectiveness and contents of the quality manual
  • Internal audits
  • Review of the management
  • Regular and continuous improvement
  • Documents
  • Identification of non-conforming material, disposal and control
  • Calibration
  • Staff training

Third-party supply chain checking or auditing is now a proven method that ensures your supply chain can meet the required operational standards. Many companies develop their own auditing standards of vendors and the vendors should be checked on the behalf of the client by using the same method. This type of check can be undertaken by several organizations.

How to find the best China audit team

In this case, a consultant can help you with the quality issues and can implement some series of corrective methods to ensure the vendor is capable of maintaining the standards consistently.

Online search

 In your search for such a company, you start looking at your own search engines. If you search according to your criteria, even from China or other countries, you will be overwhelmed with the result. You can shortlist the top names and contact these companies. If you have shortlisted names, you need to check how the company works, whether it is reliable or not, how they set their inspection program etc. most of such companies have their own website, visit the website and check the testimonials, reviews and ratings on the team. They should check the legal registration of the company, company history, licensing of business, management structure, commercial conditions, manpower, resources, local infrastructure and the locality.

Contact your friends

If you have friends in a similar industry and they have taken such third-party inspection services recently, you can contact them to get the best suggestion. They can give the details of some China-based inspection companies who are reliable and have great experience in their service.

Things to check Before hiring a company, you need to check their experience first. You cannot trust a completely new company without any reputation. Always go for a company with excellent experience in inspection service, have a team of skilled, technically strong and knowledgeable inspectors because they need to check the continuity-sensitive, high-precision products. They need to check all the critical features, raw materials, production process etc.