Italian Honey- One Of The Versatile Ingredient Of Cooking & Healthcare

The region of Italy is flooded with gorgeous and aromatic flowers. It is the rich aroma of these flowers that entice the bees and producing authentic Italian honey containing all the rich flavors and aroma of Italy. Italian honey is both timeless and a demanding ingredient that finds its use not only in cooking dishes, but also in skincare, haircare, weight loss, and other treatments. It is used as a natural alternative for sugar in most recipes. It adds a subtle aroma to savory dishes such as meat casseroles, sauces, and dressings. When used during marination, Italian honey will help soften meat and while cooking, it adds a distinctive barbeque aroma to the food as it slowly caramelizes.

Many chefs of top restaurants prefer to use Italian organic forest honey by Rigoni di Asiago as a topping on a salad, barbecues, stir-fries, and mouthwatering desserts. They also used Italian flavored honey for creative platings to give a new look to their star dish. Honey made in Italy is known to be filled with the goodness of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its medicinal properties and sweet flavor Italian honey finds its different uses in food and the body. Keep reading to find out the goodness of Italian forest honey by Rigoni di Asiago and orange blossom honey.

  • Salad dressing- One tablespoon of Italian orange blossom honey or any other flavored Italian honey can be added at the top of fruit salads, sprouts, boiled veggies for added flavor. Also, the consumption of Italian flavored honey with fruits, sprouts, and vegetables is good for maintaining health as it fights inflammation and provides necessary vitamins and minerals, and enrich necessary minerals and vitamins in our body.
  • Dessert- We all have cravings for dessert and dessert without sugar is not a dessert. However, consumption of extra sugar in daily life cause harm to the health with a spike in blood sugar level and many other ill effects. But for many controlling their cravings for sugar-coated dessert is also not easy. Considering their cravings, Italian organic forest honey by Rigoni di Asiago stands out as the best substitute for the processed sugar.
  • Weight loss supplement- If you’re a diet-conscious, but also a big lover of dessert, then honey can make your healthy life much sweeter without putting on body weight. A glass of warm water with a few drops of Italian honey of any flavor on an empty stomach can help to trim your belly and also you can experience a big change in your overall weight. You can also add on a drop of lemon juice for the added weight loss benefits. It will help to boost your body metabolism and reducing extra body fats without leaving any side effects.
  • Natural moisturizer- Why use a chemical added moisturizer when you can take care of your skin with honey and milk to keep it moisturized and glowing for a long time. Honey has skin moisturizing properties, using it regularly day and night will make your skin acne-free and keep your face always hydrated. You can also use honey on your lip as it also works as a lip balm.

With so many uses, Italian hone has proven its versatility for health and taste buds. If you also want to lead a healthy lifestyle without avoiding the desire for taste buds, make sure one cabinet of your kitchen should be loaded with the different Italian flavored honey.

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Author: rishimalik