Indian and Pakistanis similar in appearance and Dress

Indian and Pakistanis similar in appearance and Dress

Most people don’t realize that the nations of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh at one time were one large country, referred to as India which was also called the Subcontinent. This is why there are many cultural and historical similarities among these countries as the culture of each country is not based with borders, but rather the similar principles. These similarities aren’t just in the way that people live and speak and dress, but also in how they dress.

If you look at Indian or Pakistani women, you’ll notice that they’re very similar in appearance and dress. Even while there are some differences however, it’s difficult to discern who is from which country. In this article, I’ll explain every way that Indian as well as Pakistani clothes online UK are alike and different from one another.

Since the similarities far surpass the similarities between Pakistani or Indian dress and attire, we’ll first examine how the attire style of women in both countries are similar to each other.

Traditional and Cultural Values of the Same Generation

As I stated in the past, India and Pakistan belong to the same region of the globe and was a single country prior to their Independence in 1947. This is why they share the same values and values, which manifests in their clothes.

Popular Gharara, Shararas and Anarkali

The most popular dresses that women wear in these countries to celebrate weddings and occasions are Gharara, sharara suit, as well as variants of Anarkali that have oriental hints. These dresses are iconic wedding attires and every Indian as well as Pakistani wedding would be a bit unfinished without these beautiful attires.

Shalwar Kameez in all its glory

Shalwar kameez for women is an extremely traditional and ethnic dress that is commonly worn to Indian as well as Pakistani women alike for daily life. You can find a variety of these garments, but, in the end you will realize that this is by far the most popular dress that women wear across both countries. There is a stunning assortment of contemporary and traditional shalwar kameez on online clohting brand such as Libas e Jamila.

Let’s talk about the differences between Indian as well as Pakistani dress since even if they were same country, they have distinct differences in certain ways.

Casual wears

While you’ll see many women wearing shalwar suit as a regular fashion in both countries, you can notice a few minor differences between these salwar suit. For instance, women in India are more apt to wear brighter colors while in contrast women in Pakistan prefer pastels or darker shades of color. The way that these ssalwar kameez is stitched differs as Indian women prefer their clothing to fit better. There are Indian and Pakistani salwar kameez collection which you can order from Libas e Jamila Fashion brand as well as other online stores. There are many older Indian women in saree suit wearing regular clothes because it’s their tradition and culture.

Young Generation Gravitate towards Western Styles

While a large portion of young girls and women are to gravitate towards western styles of clothes in both countries you’ll see a greater proportion of women wearing western clothing in India when compared to Pakistan. The difference in number is due to religional differences since Pakistan is one of the Muslim country. Muslim women wear more modest clothing as when compared to their Indian counterparts. But in the current fashion world, where fashion is growing and modest attire has become fashionable and a fashion, women in Pakistan are also choosing to wear moderate western clothing more often.

Religious Divide

Both nations have a huge cultural and religious divide, with the most people of the population in Pakistan is Muslims and the majority in India is Hindus and non-Muslims. casting has an impact on dress styles and fashions. Different religions have various celebrations, and that means the different ways of dress. Pakistani women who attend Eid occasions prefer to wear formal shalwar kameez with a luxurious look and variations of it. Indian women, for Diwali, Holi etc. generally opt for shararas lehengas and beautiful sarees.

Women can be part of different countries , but their enthusiasm for fashion and good attire trends unite them across the globe. Whatever you wear, or which country you are from it is all the same in our hearts with passion, love, desire and all the other things that make us human.