How You Print Perfect Custom Boxes In 3 Easy Steps

How You Print Perfect Custom Boxes In 3 Easy Steps

Printed boxes have become widely popular as they act like a salesman at retail stores. The brands don’t have to hire any salesmen these days as printed boxes help them to promote their products in the market easily. The brands are looking for the best-printed techniques to design their boxes. The packaging industry has advanced a lot and new printing techniques have been introduced in the market as well. You can print your custom boxes with the latest techniques and make your packaging stand out in the market. If you want to capture the customer’s interest, then choosing the best printing methods can be helpful. Here are 3 easy steps that can help you to design the perfect custom printed boxes for your products.

1.Use the right tools and equipment 

When you print content on your custom box packaging you must make sure to use the right tools and equipment for accurate measurements. If you don’t have the right tools, then it becomes impossible for you to print content perfectly on your boxes. The good news is that you don’t need any gigantic and fancy press to printing machine to print on your boxes. If you have a screen, then that’s completely fine as this can help you to print content on your boxes without any problems. Ideally, you should get a one-color press to measure the boxes properly. The Riley Hopkins 150 will help you to maintain consistency while printing.

 It is best to get a squeegee, emulsion, screen, and water-based ink to start your printing process. Using the best quality printing machines is important as this will help you to print content on the boxes accurately and clearly. There are many types of printing machines available in the market. It is best to choose a machine that will help you to print content clearly on the boxes.

 Once you have selected the box you will be printing on you will have to measure the areas you wish to print on. You can print on the top and bottom flaps, and can also use the side panels to print content on the boxes. You can take at-square and measure the edges of the box. If you want to measure the side panels, then you just have to gently fold the box on the edges. Flatten the box and measure all the areas of the box properly. 

2. Choose the right printing method

There is a planet of options when it comes to printing methods. The following are the best printing methods that can help you to print content on your custom product packaging boxes. You can choose one of these printing methods to design the perfect printed boxes. 


In lithography, the ink is applied to an aluminum printing plate. Your design is placed on the plate and you start printing on it. The inked image will then be transferred to a rubber blanket and will appear on your packaging at the end. This process can be done with the help of a variety of materials. You can use paper, cardboard, and plastic, and can make the printed content appear clearly on the box. The high quality of printing can be created with the help of the lithography printing technique. When it comes to color gradients then the only requirement is to print on a flat surface.


Flexography is one of the most modern methods that can help you to print quality printed content on your custom boxes. This modern version is also known as letterpress printing. The printing method is quick and easy. The process allows you to dry the ink properly. Unlike lithography, flexography prints the content on the boxes using the photopolymer printing plates. The plates are wrapped around the rotating cylinders and allow you to print content according to your desires. The cylinders placed around the printing machine use a high volume of prints and allow you to print the content very quickly.


Most people are more familiar with digital printing as it is one of the latest printing methods. The digital printing method can be expensive but it is still one of the most popular methods used by the packaging industry these days. The custom product packaging can be designed uniquely with the help of the digital printing method. The best thing about digital printing is that it is easy and simple. You can even print content at home if you use the digital printing method. The digital printing method uses the inkjet or laser printer. You can also use commercial digital printing if you want to print content in larger quantities. If you are looking for higher quality packaging and don’t want to use the lithography and flexography methods, then using the digital printing method may be the best choice for you. The digital printing method can help you to print content on very small numbers of prints. You can also make changes to your design easily with the help of the digital printing method. File preparation is also a lot easier with the help of digital printing.


Custom box packaging can be created perfectly with the help of silkscreen printing. The printing method is most suitable to do smaller print jobs. If the production of your boxes is slow then using this printing method may be the best choice. It uses a screen, which is placed on a woven piece of fabric. 

3. Use the best quality inks to print the artwork

The water-based ink and the plastisol ink are two options for you. Water-based ink will dry quickly so it is best to choose it to design your boxes. It is best to get equipment to cure the ink and dry it quickly. When the boxes are printed then you can clean and rinse off the ink and can keep it for future use. It is also recommended to invest in customized tape as you can put it on the boxes. Make sure to customize the boxes with unique artwork. The printing content on the box must be unique and will help you to make your boxes attractive. Choosing a clear font is also a great idea as this will help you to make your printed content visible on the boxes.