How To Preserve Nicotine E-Liquid Flavors For A Long Time?

Like many edible food products, e-liquid contains perishable components like nicotine and VG that need to be stored and preserved to maintain their authenticity and freshness. Although, nicotine e-liquid has a pretty good lifespan, but once it gets exposed to moisture, it will ruin your vaping experience. E-liquid contains certain delicate ingredients that are also vulnerable to heat. It means you need to take proper measures to store your favorite e-liquid flavor to preserve its freshness and flavor for as long as possible.

Fortunately, storage of e-liquid flavors in NZ is quite easy and will help in prolonging the life and flavor of your experience. In this post, we will be looking at the ways that can help in preserving life as well as the flavor of your nicotine e-liquid juice.

  • Right storage place- Finding the right place to store your e-liquid is important so you can have the flavor to its full potential without tasting or smelling sour. Ideally, a cold storage place like a refrigerator is considered the best place to store your e-liquid for a long time. Thus, when you buy e-liquid in NZ, storing it in a cool, dark place can make a huge difference when you consume it. The low freezing point of VG and PG present in your e-liquid flavor will prevent your vape juice from freezing into solid while keeping the flavor always fresh and ready to use.
  • Right e-liquid storage containers- Most e-liquid manufacturers store the juice either in plastic or glass containers. However, plastic bottles are not safe for storing e-juice for long-term use. This is so because, plastic can easily react with the nicotine and flavor of nicotine e-liquid, especially in the heat, and change the taste. Glass bottles e-liquid available online in NZ, on the other hand, are ideal for long-term storage of e-liquid in the fridge, cupboard, or any cool, dark place.
  • Air-sealed bottle- When using the e-liquid bottle, make sure you properly sealed the cap of the bottle. If there is air inside the bottle, the flavor of the e-liquid will soon change and ultimately going to ruin your vaping experience. Also, when you transfer the nicotine e-liquid from a plastic into a glass container, do not let the air slip in and degrade your e-liquid flavor.
  • Keep out of sun rays- If left the bottle is in direct sunlight, the contents of your e-liquid like nicotine can become runny and the flavor will distort. As mentioned above, do consider storing the bottle in a cool and dark place to prevent its freshness and aroma.

The nicotine and PG present in the e-liquid are very sensitive in nature, this is why you need to take proper storage measures to preserve the aroma, taste, and freshness of your e-liquid. By following the above-mentioned storage tips, you can continue to get the best vaping experience hassle-free.

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Author: rishimalik