How To Get Work Visa For Canada?

Canada is one of the most favourable countries where one wants to shift in order to get their higher studies done or for work. In fact, a lot of people apply for permanent residency there and with passing of each year, the number is only increasing. 

People keep applying for Canada work visa from Dubai because the former has abundance of work opportunity and business opportunity which provides people with a lot of scope and benefits. Looking for immigration procedures to move to Canada has become a common thing now.

  • There are people who want to immigrate to a specific province of Canada with or without family. May be there is a job waiting there and in that case they must apply for the Provincial Nominee Program. One can make the applications through express entry or else they can apply directly to the province of their choice. This entire procedure takes more than a year to complete. In case, one follows the online process then it might take 2 to 3 months lesser time to process. One also needs to show a proof that they have got a valid work offer there and have adequate work experience so that they can apply for the domain.
  • One can also go to stay in Canada by getting some temporary work permits. The temporary Canadian work permits or visas are obtained by many emirates who live there. This can speed up the process to work in Canada. Here, one can obtain sufficient amount of work experience allowing one to apply with different Canadian permanent programs. This country has a lot of vacant jobs in many sectors and so they can invite immigrants from the other countries all over the world. Some of the sectors also include a huge demand of high skilled workers like in Information Technology, Medical Sector, Logistics and Transportation, Agriculture, Gas and Mining, Production and Manufacturing and many more.
  • Another thing that one can try is the express entry immigration. This is one of the most popular ways to immigrate there. It has been designed to assist skilled and experienced workers from all over the world to get fast paced options so that they can immigrate to Canada. The benefit of this system is that, the average visa procedure duration here gets reduced to only 6 to 8 months instead of a year or more. This also allows one to choose a province or territory to immigrate even if they do not have work experience or job offer. 
  • One can also think of visiting Canada as a student. Those who wish to go for higher studies in Canada always have the option to stay back and choose to work there. A post graduation worker permit program is such an option. Selecting a study program which has a longer duration can be more helpful here.

If one wants to know about the Canada visit visa fee from Dubai they can check the official sites or take help from professional consultants to get through the process.

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