How To Get Rid Of Problems During Menopause?

How To Get Rid Of Problems During Menopause?

Menopause is a normal change in the body of every woman. It usually starts in the late years of her 40’s. It is an indication that now a woman will not suffer from the pain of the menstrual cycle every month. The arrival of menopause doesn’t happen suddenly, and there are some indications which a woman notices before it.

Some indications of menopause include night sweats, swings in mood, tiredness, hot flashes during menstruation, and irritability. Women getting closer to menopause are at a high risk of suffering from the problems like heart diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, and diabetes. To avoid the side effects of menopause, most women start high-intake of supplements and pain-killer medicines.

If you are also running in the late years of your 40’s or early 50’s, then below are the tips by which are helpful in getting rid of the problems during menopause.

Try to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight gain is a common problem during menopause. There are lots of reasons, like changes in a hormonal pattern, genetics, lifestyle, and growing age for this problem. The emergence of excessive fat in areas like the waist increases the risk of health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. According to a study, conducted on a group of women, it was found that the women who lost 10% of their weight or 4.5 kgs of weight suffered less from the problems of hot flashes and excessive sweating during the night.

Try to Avoid Stimulating Food

There are lots of food items and drinks which stimulate our body and result in excessive sweat and swings in mood. The reaction of these foods and drinks is more active during the night. Try to avoid food which is spicy, contains a huge amount of sugar, is alcoholic and has the presence of caffeine. To know which food items and drinks trigger your body, maintain a diary of the food items and drinks, and then try to notice the changes in your body. Once you notice their reaction, stop their usage to avoid menopause problems.

Increase the Number of Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

Increasing the number of fresh fruits and vegetables also helps in controlling the problems during menopause. An interesting benefit of eating vegetables and fruits is that they contain low calories and satisfy your hunger needs. Due to this reason, they help in maintaining a decent weight. The intake of fruits and vegetables helps in controlling different types of diseases like heart problems, bone loss, obesity, and diabetes.  

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps your body fit and is the best way to control the excess of fat. Therefore exercise during menopause is not an exception to this. Although, there is no clear witness that it helps in controlling the problems of hot flashes and excessive sweating during the night. However, it is proved that regular exercise offers lots of health benefits during menopause. It includes increasing the levels of energy, increasing bone density, better sleep, and a decrease in the level of stress.

Eat Nutritional Food

Due to hormonal changes during menopause, there is a decline in bone density, which increases the chances of osteoporosis. To protect your body from these problems eat food enriched with calcium and Vitamin D. This will not only satisfy the nutritional needs in your body but also help in strengthening your bones. Sufficient levels of Vitamin D in the body decreases the risks of hip fractures. To increase the levels of calcium in your body increase the quantity of yogurt, cheese, and milk. Green vegetables like spinach, kale, collard greens etc, are a good source of calcium.

Increase the Quantity of Water

The problem of dryness is common during menopause. It is mainly because of a decline in the levels of estrogen in the body. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water during a day helps in controlling the estrogen level in the body. Drinking plenty of water also reduces the problem of bloating which happens due to hormonal changes. The sufficient levels of water in the body also control weight gain and are good for increasing metabolism.

Avoid Irregular Eating Habits

Irregular eating habits can increase problems during menopause. According to a study, women skipping meals recorded less weight loss than the women eating their meals on time. The women who skipped their meals ate extra food at the time of eating, which increased their weight. On the other hand, women who ate food on time didn’t gain much weight, as they got their appetite satisfied on time.

Final Word: Menopause is a natural process in every woman. As there are lots of hormonal changes in their body, there is a change in their physical appearance. Moving ahead, as it is painful too, there are some natural ways to get rid of this pain.