How to Find Which Sign is Compatible with Being Your Life Partner

How to Find Which Sign is Compatible with Being Your Life Partner

Compatibility plays a pivotal role in establishing the foundation of a relationship. And how to find which sign is compatible to be your life partner is a question we all have in our mind. Finding a suitable life partner is a task that can take years, months, or decades. However, if you have faith in astrology, then nothing is impossible. And with the right astrologer by your side, your life will have the relationship balance forever.

Suitability alone cannot earn you a life partner. Compatibility also plays a crucial role in building a strong relationship. One of the most popular Astrologer in Kolkata, Astroyogi, suggests that it is essential to know whether the signs are compatible to choose the right life partner. And there are various factors you have to focus on to find the same. They are:

The sign elements are essential

According to the famous Online Astrologer in Kolkata, a zodiac sign has its elements. And to know about the compatibility of the same, you will need to find the compatibility between the components. For instance, Fire, water, and earth are three main elements that we have to focus on in a zodiac sign. If the elements are compatible, then half of the problem is solved. 

Know the star sign compatibility

Another way to know the compatibility between you and your life partner is by knowing their star sign compatibility. As per a renowned Astrologer in Kolkata, if your partner’s sign is Aries, they are compatible with air signs like Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. But if they are a Gemini and you are a Leo, then nothing can stop you from being together in a relationship. 

Sun signs play a crucial role. 

Sun signs are another factor that helps astrologers find the compatibility between you and your partner. A sun sign is nothing but the one that was formed on the date you were born. So, for example, if you are accepted as Libra, then your sign was the constellation of Libran. And if your partner shares a similar sun sign, you are blessed. 

Moon sign compatibility

Most of us believe that the sun sign is the ultimate factor for knowing the compatibility. However, the moon sign also is essential for the same. The Moon sign can be understood from the moon’s position at the time of your birth. For instance, according to the famous Online Astrologer in Kolkata, Astroyogi, your moon sign will be Libra if you are born on 24th October 1965. And if you are compatible with your partner in terms of your moon sign, your relationship will last longer. 

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Opposites attract

Opposites attract. Yes indeed. If you are born an Aries, your Capricorn partner can attract your thoughts, action, and life. Most astrologers believe that more than the elements of the sun sign the tension, and the initial attraction of the opposites is essential. This will not only help you get to know your partner well. But also understand their attributes. 

Birth star compatibility

Birth stars can also determine the compatibility between you and your partner. If your birth star is at least 60% compatible with your partner, then you will get a perfect partner for your life. It is impossible to find someone with 100% star compatibility. However, even with minimal compatibility, relationships are sustaining hardships with the Lord’s blessings.

Lagna sign and star sign

One of the essential compatibility you have to ensure between you and your partner is the one between the Lagna sign and star sign. However, most people are unaware of the same; the Lagna and star sign should be compatible for a strong foundation of a relationship. If they are not compatible, it can affect your relationship and your partner. 


Another essential compatibility to watch for is the Mahadasha compatibility. We all have Mahadasha, and the cycle takes 120 years to complete, the same around the nine planets. For a couple to live together with a happy life, their mahadasha should be compatible else there is a high chance of living separate life for the couple. For example, if the Mahadash of you and your partner is not compatible, you will have to live a solitary life away from your spouse. 


Overall, the compatibility of two people plays a crucial role in the foundation of a relationship. And knowing above mentioned factors can help you decide on a better matrimonial future for you and your partner. Finally, consulting the best astrologer is also essential.