How To Care For Fixed Braces After Fitting

How To Care For Fixed Braces After Fitting

Having fixed braces as a treatment for crooked teeth is excellent. But if you are new to permanent braces, you need time to understand how it works, and of course, your mouth will get used to it overtime. We know that you may not know everything about fixed braces, so we are here to offer useful aftercare tips for your braces. This will show that they last long, remain active and give you the desired smile. So, let’s dive right in.

Post care for fixed braces

For discomfort

For the period you will be adjusting to your braces, you may experience sore teeth for 3 to 5 days after getting them installed. This should not alarm you – the feeling is natural. Braces should not cause you much pain; however, as your teeth begin to move, it is entirely natural for your teeth to ache.

The wires and brackets of fixed braces can irritate the inside of your cheeks. Your orthodontist will give you orthodontic wax to apply on spots that are causing problems after fitting so your mouth won’t hurt too much. Speak with your orthodontist if your braces are causing pain and making you uncomfortable. They may recommend over-the-counter pain medication to soothe the uneasiness. Please do well to read the instructions given for any meds you are taking.

When having fun

Using this orthodontic treatment known as fixed braces to play your favourite sports outdoors may require time. You should use a mouthguard to engage in contact sports as a post-care routine. This device is customised for your particular braces type. Caring for your mouthguard is important; after use, clean with water and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Hot water should not be used for cleaning mouthguards; it will cause deformation.

For instruments that require the mouth, like saxophones, it may be difficult to play them with braces. However, you can get removable braces under some conditions. With this, you can play with your musical instruments comfortably.

If you are unsure of braces and wind instruments, kindly see your orthodontist for clarification.

When braces fail (break, chip, or damage)

There are conditions under which fixed braces may get damaged. If you don’t follow your orthodontist’s instructions on what to eat when using braces, you may hurt the appliance. You should not eat hard or sticky foods with your braces; they may break. If you fall accidentally and impact your mouth or face, this can cause the braces to break. Whatever happens, that puts your braces in harm’s way should be reported to the orthodontist immediately—waiting until your next appointment is not good. This is because once the brace has been damaged, it won’t work effectively anymore and will delay your treatment, and might hurt your teeth.

Should your new braces be causing a lot of pain, call your orthodontic care right away; or emergency care if your orthodontist is unavailable.


After straightening your teeth with fixed braces, they may relapse (become crooked again), so there is a need for retainers. This is available in the form of permanent or removable retainers. It is a critical aspect of your post-care for fixed braces. And we do provide this. Unlike braces worn for a definite period, retainers have to be worn for life as it lowers the chances of having misaligned teeth again. Failing to use retainers may lead to realigning your teeth all over and set you back by some pounds. In addition, you will experience a second time the stress you had with the initial treatment. You wouldn’t want that, right?

Care for your braces as much as possible

If you adhere to these post-care tips, you place your braces on the path to giving you the best results as they will function at their maximum. We have seen a lot of fixed braces patients who followed their aftercare routine religiously – they usually end up with incredibly great results. This is why we have taken the time to highlight these things. It would make sense that you also have a positive outcome after wearing fixed braces.


Kindly observe whether your braces are causing you abnormal pain or discomfort if so then call London Braces Clinic. If you are not comfortable with the braces but don’t know exactly what the problem is, London braces is the ones you should report to. If you are yet to get your fixed braces, they are a reliable provider. The team of experienced orthodontists and staff are prepared to take you on the journey to a perfect smile with fixed braces.