How can TheOneSpy phone tracker app install and work?

How can TheOneSpy phone tracker app install and work?

The phone tracker app is one of the best tracking tools that can install smartphone devices to track and monitor activities that include GPS location, call logs, messages, and many more. You can also use this kind of high-quality tool to monitor other laptop and desktop devices to the fullest.

Hundreds of other cell phone trackers are at your disposal would be difficult to choose the best of the best in the business these days. Mobile tracking applications are everywhere on the web these days, and you can use them to spy on your kids and protect your business data save on business-owned devices.

Most of the monitoring apps have options to monitor GPS location tracking. The one today we will discuss has plenty of advanced and powerful features, like call recording, social media tracking, and they can take over target device microphones and cameras to the fullest.

We have analyzed a phone tracker app known as TheOneSpy that is suitable for your needs.  We have come to the point that easy installation, features, device OS support, and price have made it an ultimate tracking gizmo.

What is TheOneSpy phone tracker app?

TheOneSpy is a powerful tool that unveils everything on mobile devices and provides efficient and accurate spying and tracking technology no time ever before. It empowers you to monitor your loved ones and set parental control on mobile phone addict teens. Moreover, use it for employee tracking during working hours.

You can install it on your cellphone devices running with Android and iOS operating systems. It is easy to install and configure on the target device. It works on the phone secretly without the target knowing. It is best in the business because it does not need to root the android phone, but jailbreak iPhones to install TheOneSpy. It has multiple sets of features for cell phones. Let’s get to know how it works on your target smartphone device.

How to install TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software?

Do you want to track someone’s phone without them knowing? You can install it, but you have to get your hands on the best phone tracker app. you need to perform the steps given below to install and configure the mobile surveillance software.

Step1: Get TheOneSpy cell phone tracker subscription

You can visit the web on your mobile or PC browser connected to the internet and further subscribe to the best cell phone monitoring app. You will receive a password and ID via an email sent to you through a customer care representative.

Step2: Take the target phone into your hands for a moment

You can get your hands on the cell phone device that you are looking forward to tracking at the moment and get started with the process of installation. You need to complete the installation process successfully and further complete the configuration process.

Step3: Get access to the TOS tracker web control panel

Users need to use the credentials and access the web control panel and access the features window.  You can choose and select the features you need to and activate them using the sync settings button. You need to put the features “ON” mode, and it will start functioning.

How TheOneSpy mobile tracker works?

After you have done a successful installation process and you have got the subscription of your choice, you need to use the powerful features for android and iOS devices.


Cell phone tracker for android doesn’t require rooting of the target cellphone device and you can use its non-rooted features to set parental control and monitor your employees to the fullest.


The iPhone tracker requires jailbreak iPhones to monitor and track the activity on the target device, otherwise, you cannot install the TheOneSpy iPhone spy app on the target device.

Let’s get to know about the powerful and advanced features of the best mobile phone spy app for android and iOS devices.

TheOneSpy phone tracker Features for android

Here are the following features you need to monitor and track android phones for parental control and to keep tabs on your employees during working hours.

Live screen recorder

End users can get access to the TOS online dashboard and activate screen recording software. It enables users to access the cellphone device and take over the target device cameras to record back-to-back short videos of the mobile screen and deliver them to the secure web control panel.


You can capture live screenshots of a cellphone screen remotely. It further schedules multiple screens snaps and gets it via the dashboard.

GPS tracking

Users can use this feature via a web control panel and activate all of the location tracker tools to the fullest. You can use Geo-Fencing to mark safe and dangerous areas on the map, route map tracker, live location history, and real –time location tracker. Users can use it to track lost phones and to find out the hidden whereabouts of the target device.

Social media monitoring

Users can read the Facebook logs, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more using social media tracking software. You can get messages, chat, voice, and video call logs secretly.

Call recording

Users can record and listen to android phone calls in real –time using secret call recording app on the target device and save the data on the dashboard.

Price & packages

Users can buy Xlite Edition for $6.25 and Premium edition for $ 12.5 for android.

TheOneSpy phone tracking software Features for iPhone

Here are the following features you can use with iPhone spying software on jailbreak iOS devices.

  • WhatsApp
  • Call logs
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Device info
  • SMS
  • Installed apps

These are the top-rated features of the best cell phone tracking software you need to set parental control on jailbreak iPhones.  

Price & packages

  • 01 month   $35
  • 03 month   $55
  • 06 month $99


The TheOneSpy phone tracker is the best solution for parents to set parental control on kids and to track employees during working hours.