How can brands use box printing to add celebrity imagery to their packaging?

How can brands use box printing to add celebrity imagery to their packaging?

Box printing is becoming very popular as it gives brands the freedom to make their packaging unique and astonishing. It is unnecessary to use those old brown colored boxes anymore if you want a better future for your business. Although, it would help if you used printing to make your custom packages beneficial for your business. However, it is easy to use printing and engaging themes with unique layouts and attractive illustrations on your boxes. Brands are getting their packages printed with branding elements such as taglines and logos to get marketing advantages from their packaging.

It is also easy to get your packaging printed with beautiful and inspiring color gradients and pastels due to advanced options for printing boxes such as offset, digital, and screen printings. You can use color models such as CMYK and PMS to make your packages printed with desired graphical presentations.

Brands use box printing to add celebrity imagery

Brands have got new ways of promoting their businesses and products that they are manufacturing. One of those beneficial ways is celebrity endorsement. In this option, you get support from a celebrity by describing the details and specifications of your items to your target audience. Unfortunately, affording a promotion video with a famous person is very expensive. In this regard, brands can use box printing to print images of known persons on their custom packages for promotional purposes. It is straightforward to do that; you have to utilize the suitable options and make proper considerations for this purpose.

Selection of box printing method:

For box printing on your packages, selecting the right printing tool is very important. Without an effective printing technique, you can never put a quality image of a celebrity on your packaging. In custom packages, there are multiple printing options, luckily. So get familiar with those options and know what type will ideally suit your printing needs. First on the list is offset printing. It is cheap and can work perfectly with CMYK color schemes. The next one is digital printing which is the most utilized in the packaging industry. It can show perfect results to both CMYK and PMS color models, and it is also efficient in printing images on the surface of boxes. However, if you are after bulk printing, screen printing is also a reliable option to go with.

High-definition images:

No matter how advanced a printing method you are utilizing to get your custom box printed with celebrity images, if the quality of the image is not good, it will not provide better results. The image or picture you are using does not have distortion. Then, it comes to displaying images on custom boxes. Consider ideas that contain high-DPI values. These images will quickly go with any printing method and provide your audience with better presentation results. Utilizing quality images is just like making a promotional video with the celebrity in real-time. So make sure to never compromise on the image’s resolution while printing it on the box at any cost.

Printable packaging type:

If you look into the standard types of packages, you will find that they are hard to print in many ways. It would help if you utilized custom boxes made from materials such as kraft, cardboard, and corrugated in this regard. These materials are reliable in showcasing quality results to printing technologies. What kind of image you are utilizing of your selected celebrity. With these boxes, it is easy to find desired results. Plus, various custom options in designs, shapes, and sizes in these packages will help you make a more creative and distinctive display of your selected photos. Qualities of these packages are why brands are getting printed boxes wholesale.

Trending celebrities:

Today, people pay more attention to what is going on in the trending section of social media platforms. They like to follow what their favorite trending celebrity is doing. That is why targeting those famous trending persons to promote your brand or products is a reliable option to go with. Ask stars to take pictures while utilizing or handling your product and post those images on the surface of your boxes. These images will help your audience consider that your brand and product are reliable and unique in the market. Make sure that you are targeting celebrities among your target audience. That is because trending celebrities can be different from place to place.

Coatings and laminations:

Adding images of celebrities on the surface of product boxes is not just enough. It would help if you made sure that whenever your customers look at your packaging, the images should be of the finest quality. For that purpose, you must go after the usage of finishing technologies. Finishing techniques effectively enhance images by protecting them from scratches, stains, greases, and climatic impacts. They come in multiple types: smudge-free lamination, matte coating, gloss coating, and outside waxing. They all have different properties and advantages. For instance, smudge-free lamination can make your packages and printed images on them resistant to fingerprint stains. Similarly, the matte coating will protect the quality of your images and their resolution from harmful rays. So ensure utilizing these finishing techniques to get acceptable printing results.

After the rise of customizable packaging, it has become easier to use box printing options for almost every brand. Printing is a medium that allows businesses to get a creative and distinctive display of their valuable items with their product packaging. The best suggestion would be to always put images of celebrities on your boxes by using this medium if you want to get the attention of customers to your presentations.