History of Cherished Number Plates

History of Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates are vintage quality number plates that have an old-world charm for motor enthusiasts. These number plates are unique and rare because they do not have the year identifier and because they are steeped in history from the early part of the 20th Century. These number plates have preceded the current number plates that we use today. Being historical and vintage, these number plates have an intrinsic value to car enthusiasts. Many passionate collectors keep these unique plates as tokens of a bygone era. Because the plates are part of history and because they cannot be replicated, the plates are keenly sought after by investors and enthusiast alike. In this article, we will take an extensive look at the history of cherished number plates with some examples.

Many of the people that love to collect classic and vintage cars also like to collect and create a collection of cherished number plates. However, these plates are not only assigned to vintage and classic vehicles. Owners also like to pair these vintage number plates with new, high-end luxury vehicles. Owning a cherished number plate is like owning a piece of history. You can own a cherished number plate without owning a vehicle. Whenever you are presented with an opportunity to acquire entitlement to a cherished number plate, you should seriously consider it, either as an investment or as a future plate for your dream car.

A cherished number plate can be transferred from one vehicle to another. That is how some people that own cherished number plates build their financial reputation and their public image. When a cherished number plate is unique and eye-catching, people start recognizing the vehicle as that of the cherished number plate owner. Often, the number plate becomes as famous as the owner and vice versa. There is still a curiosity among people about the novelty of cherished number plates that provide a tangible level of fame to the people that own them. Car owners who want to leave a lasting impression in people’s minds often display a cherished number plate on their vehicles. Examples of this are COM 1C owned by the comedian Jimmy Tarbuck and MAG 1C owned by the magician Paul Daniels. Other examples are 1 KO once owned by the boxer Chris Eubank and CUE 1 owned by the snooker player Terry Griffiths. Further examples are detailed below:

Famous cherished number plates

There are many cherished number plates that have become legendary. Whilst most cherished number plates are now high value numbers, they did not always start out like that. With time, the majority of vintage collectibles, as they are sometimes termed, appreciate in value.

  • MB1– MB 1 is one of the most exclusive cherished number plates in the market today. It has historical value due to its association with a famous person. MB1 was originally owned by the entertainer Max Bygraves. The MB on the plate representing his initials. MB is a fairly common combination of letters, and it is also a fairly common set of name initials. This particularly cherished plate was assigned to Max’s Rolls Royce for 30 years. The plate was reasonably priced when on the market, and the story linked to it is very interesting. For example, the plate was marketed at a price of around £250k. However, the plate had seen higher potential values due to offers made by automobile producer Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz tried to buy the plate from Max with huge offers made well in excess of the amount Max wanted for the plate. The performer never agreed to a lucrative deal with Mercedes and Mercedes never got to own the plate with its iconic initials.
  • 7 SM– The cherished number plate 7 SM was once owned by British F1 legend Stirling Moss. The racer owned other cherished plates, too, along with the SM 7. These two plates were famous as they represented the racer himself on cars with his racing number. The racer bought these plates in the 1960s. He never used them in the later stage of his life. At the time of his death, the plates were held in his collection and not assigned to vehicles as he felt cars were of no use in Central London.
  • 25 0- The rare number plate of 25 0 is the most expensive cherished number plate sold by the DVLA in modern times. The plate was bought by Ferrari trader John Collins. The plate was eventually put up on a rare Ferrari model of 250 SWB. The plate was auctioned at a price of £518,400 sterling. Interestingly that particular model of Ferrari was once owned by the famous guitarist Eric Clapton.

The first dateless plate issued dates back to 1903, which is more than a century old. The pages of history that these dateless number plates have seen are countless. These plates go from several thousands of pounds to millions of pounds at valuation. Whilst historical and rare cherished plates have high values, it is possible to find cherished plates within a reasonable budget with thorough research. A reputable number plate broker can help you to find the right cherished number plate at the right price. These number plates are special because of their dateless format and because the letters are placed before the numbers. The rarest combinations of letters and numbers for a cherished number plate have as much bearing on their value as the age of the plate.