Guide to choosing the best laminate colour combination for modular kitchen

Guide to choosing the best laminate colour combination for modular kitchen

The kitchen can be the highlight of your home if furnished creatively. It contributes a substantial share in upgrading the overall feel of the living space. The more appealing the kitchen design is, the more luxurious the home looks. So, you have to be a little more selective and creative when dressing up your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to look trendy and ooze extravagance, high-pressure laminates could be the material to choose.

Kitchen laminates provide you with countless colour, design, and style options. By applying them, you can carve the style and theme you want without investing much effort, cost, and labour. Versatile and trendy, high pressure laminates come with several other features that make them a perfect choice for kitchen decor. These include durability, long-lasting shine, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness. With plenty of colour options to choose from, selecting the right combination could, however, be a little overwhelming for many. Read this guide to explore the best kitchen laminate designs and colour combinations. They are sure to help you revamp the favourite part of your home.

Blend blue with grey to cast a spell

The blue-grey combination is for those who want a soothing and warm ambiance in the kitchen space. The timeless beauty of these two kitchen laminate colours has the power to grab anyone’s attention. When blended in the right proportion, they can leave you spellbound and set the mood and tone of a perfect modular kitchen. You may choose blue for the cabinet and grey for walls or vice-versa. For an even better fusion, try different shades of grey with darker ones to highlight the corners or linings. This kitchen laminate design works well with all sizes and types of kitchens.

Give your kitchen an earthy feel with brown contrasting green

Kitchen laminates, as we know, can resemble real-world objects, such as wood, metal, stone, etc. If you want your kitchen to look more natural, pick wood laminates for cabinets and green for walls. Wood laminates come in many textures and shades, from light to darker. Choose ones that make the ambiance feel woodier. Laminate the walls green to make it all look more natural and lively. This combinationcan do wonders and go well with all kitchen designs and styles.

Bring some sunshine with yellow

Yellow reflects optimism, energy, and happiness. Bright and upbeat yellow cabinets are, therefore, great choices for those craving a welcoming feel in the kitchen space. Introducing it in perfect contrast with sharp colours on walls will instil elegance and class most fashionably. You can also use yellow for your walls. This way, you can set any contrast for your kitchen cabinets and accessories.

Choose white spotted with grey for a perfect look

If white is the base you choose, nothing other than grey can better complement it. This kitchen laminate design with two timeless colours will give your kitchen a neutral yet magnetic appeal. Over a base of white, creamy, or off-white walls, lower and or upper grey cabinets can be the best match. Choose any shade of greys, such as steel, concrete, pewter, slate, dark, or blue, or a combination of two or more. White is a versatile and classy colour that can create a perfectly sober feel if spotted with different shades of grey. For an even better sheen and finish, choose Royale Touche laminates for kitchens.

Combine whine and white to create glamour

White and wine kitchen laminate colours are a great way to fuse glamor into the kitchen space. Whether you choose decorative laminates or high-pressure laminates, your investment will be worth every effort made and each penny spent towards your kitchen makeover. Wine or crimson red looks fantastic with white, and they together create a perfect contrast that takes the decor to the next level and adds to your class and style.

Mix blue with gold or copper for a stunning effect

If you want your kitchen space to evoke a stunning effect, mixing blue with gold or copper could be a good choice, irrespective of the design and size of your kitchen. The right blend of these colours on walls, cabinets, side tables, drawer knobs, and fixtures & installations will stimulate your emotions and keep you connected to your kitchen.

Opt for classic white for a sober look

For sober feel, classic white never goes wrong. It is, indeed, the best colour to do the job right. Classic white decorative laminate base, matching or contrasting the flooring & cabinet, can bring a soothing effect to the kitchen design. So, it would be nice to go for it.

While giving these kitchen laminate colours a try, don’t just check out their external sheen. Since not all laminate brands are created equal, look for the best, such as Royale Touche. It is one of the most trusted laminate brands with 40+ years of excellence in manufacturing premium quality laminates Read More