Get an Amazing Diving Experience at Dive Centre Mallorca

There is unquestionably something positive to have north of 16 years of involvement around the world, a large number of jumpers guaranteed and a great many litres of air inhaled submerged, plunging is our obsession and they give it everything that is in us, what turns into a daily practice in “creating jumpers” somewhere else, turns into an experience here, and for a considerable lot of our understudies it goes to be a lifestyle.

They really do ensure companions and not “just” jumpers, in light of the fact that after each course our visitors generally return. Which is the reason our middle is full 100% of the time of previous understudies, and repeater jumpers, there is dependably somebody to converse with, drink espresso, get some information about previous colleagues and orchestrate a relaxed plunge.

There is no limits in Dive Center Mallorca, however something substantially more significant – a spot with great energy. Vibe that is made by individuals, places, and photos.

Why come to Mallorca

Scuba Diving Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, known for its ocean side hotels and shielded bays, limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish remaining parts. Capital Palma has thirteenth century Santa María church building and has the yearly Copa del Rey regatta. Stone-assembled towns incorporate Pollença, with its specialty exhibitions and summer old style live concert, and slope Fornalutx, encompassed by citrus manors on mountain porches.


Members are normally needed to peruse and sign waivers to limit obligation of the program supplier, and to give an assertion that they don’t experience the ill effects of any ailment recorded that would be an inadmissible danger for plunging. Before the actual plunge, an educator shows fundamental hypothetical information, so the members of Dive Center Mallorca can jump with a low degree of hazard, and with informed assent. In the wake of placing on the important plunging gear, the member enters the water under close watch of the educator. Breathing from the scuba controller is first drilled at the water surface. At a shallow profundity, clearing the plunging veil, eliminating the controller from the mouth and supplanting and getting it free from water are learned. These two abilities are fundamental for the security of the members. Thereafter, there might be a valuable chance to either play submerged games or investigate the environmental factors in shallow water. Preliminary jumping normally takes around two to four hours.

The member learns the essential least wellbeing rules and abilities expected to plunge under the immediate oversight of a jumping proficient. In the event that an untamed water jump is incorporated, a couple of more essential abilities will be rehearsed in bound water. The course includes:

  • Prologue to the scuba gear used to plunge and how to move around submerged utilizing the hardware.
  • Breathing submerged on open circuit scuba and how to keep away from barotrauma.
  • Mastering a portion of the key abilities that are utilized during each scuba plunge.
  • Swimming around and investigating inside the restrictions of the program and the nearby climate.
  • Data on the most proficient method to take a crack at an instructional class to turn into an affirmed section level sporting scuba jumper through the giving office.

Initial plunging programs

The global standard ISO 11121 normalizes the base necessities for an “Early on Training Program”. Regardless of the normalization, Scuba Diving Mallorca the title and substance of the program differ contingent upon the supplier and their enrolment of a jumper certificate organization. 


SSI training framework

Members in a PADI “Find Scuba Diving” program should be something like 10 years of age and ought to have the option to swim. The program incorporates a hypothesis example and a bound water plunge where essential jumping abilities are drilled. Subsequently, at least one straightforwardly administered vast water jumps should be possible to a greatest profundity of 12 meters (39 ft). Find Scuba Diving incorporates the hypothetical substance and abilities of the primary example of the PADI Open Water Diver course, and this experience might be credited as the principal bound water jump of a PADI Open Water Diver course whenever done inside for one year.

  • CMAS

The CMAS Introductory Scuba Experience members should be somewhere around 14 years old and ready to swim. The “Initial Scuba Experience” incorporates a hypothesis illustration, a bound water jump where a few plunging abilities are drilled and a vast water jump to a greatest profundity of 10 meters (33 ft).

  • NAUI

Members in a NAUI Try Dive Center Mallorca program should be somewhere around 10 years of age. In any case, it is feasible to participate in a bound water plunge from the age of 8 years. The “Attempt scuba” program incorporates a hypothesis example and a restricted water jump where members practice a few plunge abilities, and at least one vast water plunges. The principal vast water jump has suggested profundity breaking point of 6 meters (20 ft). For additional jumps there is a constraint of 12 meters (39 ft). Members who have finished two untamed water plunges will get an “NAUI Passport Diver” affirmation. It empowers them to take part in additional untamed water starting jumps later on, directed by a NAUI teachers, without rehashing the restricted water plunge.

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