Food Processing Jobs in Mercer County, OH

Food Processing Jobs in Mercer County, OH

Cooper Farms has been in the business of raising chickens, turkeys, hogs, and eggs in Mercer County, OH since 1938. A family business originally founded by Virgil and Virginia Cooper, Cooper Farms strives to ensure that its 2,200 team members still feel like family today.

Jobs in the Food Processing Division

There are many jobs in the food processing division. Food processing is the inspection, packaging, and distribution of the food that is manufactured within a farm. On a farm, food processors might be responsible for collecting eggs, cleaning them, identifying eggs that are not suitable, packaging the eggs, and ultimately packing up the eggs for delivery. Comparatively, the Live Animal Division would tend to the chickens producing the eggs.

Today, we have made great strides in making food processing labor healthier and safer. Those who work in food processing are ultimately in control of the food that is distributed to their community, which is something important when working for a family farm such as Cooper Farms. Cooper Farms prides itself on the quality of the food that it puts out — and every team member can take pride in their job.

Other forms of food processing can vary depending on the food that a farm is producing. Some farms will produce wheat and may produce it as far as creating baked goods for sale — or may just produce flour from which to produce baked goods. So, people who are in food production can enjoy a variety of careers.

For more information about careers in the food processing division or the food processing industry as a whole, you can connect with Cooper Farms. There are many experience levels available, from those who want to start in entry-level food processing for those who hope to rise to management levels in food processing or live animal handling. Cooper Farms prides itself on offering opportunities to its employees and on its dedication to promoting employees from within.

Jobs in Mercer County

Cooper Farms is one of the largest employers in Mercer County and provides the most production jobs in Mercer County. Other major employers in the region include Briarwood Village, Bruns, Casad Company, Celina City Schools, Ferguson Enterprises, J&M Manufacturing, PAX Machine, and Reynolds & Reynolds.

With a population of 41,000 and growing, there are many jobs available in Mercer County, particularly in the agricultural and production industry. Cooper Farms prides itself on being more than a workplace, with a people-focused culture and a dedication to giving back. For those who are interested in food production or live animal maintenance, a job at Cooper Farms could be the perfect solution.

Benefits of working for Cooper Farms include health insurance, life and disability insurance, dental and vision insurance, 401k, gainsharing bonus, paid vacation, tuition reimbursement, and more. There are career opportunities both in the Food Processing Division and the Live Animal Division.

Cooper Farms is currently hiring in Mercer County. Contact us today to get started!