ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites to Unblock ExtraTorrent Website

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites to Unblock ExtraTorrent Website

Many torrent fans consider ‘ExtraTorrent’ to be the best platform for downloading the newest music, movies, shows, games, videos, software, and other types of media content files in the torrent ecosystem. Moreover, there are multiple reasons for its popularity, including advanced features and accessibility of the P2P file-sharing system. A large collection of magnet links from a wide variety of content categories. Furthermore, advanced search engine capabilities allow anyone to find practically any internet file.

ExtraTorrent, to be specific, is a platform that meets the needs of those who want to watch, download, and share different types of digital content for free.

How Can You Unblock ExtraTorrents?

Proxy sites act as a link between your connection and the website you’re trying to access. When you use Extratorrent proxy sites, your browser’s internet traffic has routed through the proxy server before reaching Extratorrent mirror sites.

This not only unblocks Extratorrent but also allows you to view the Extratorrent website even if it is blocked in your region.

1. ExraTorrents Proxy Sites To Be Using:

You may use proxies to unblock Extratorrents and download torrents if the working Extratorrents website (extratorrents. cd) is blocked in your location. Then, we’ve compiled a list of ExtraTorrent proxy sites that you may use.

If you’re unfamiliar with how proxies work, the proxies included in our Extratorrent proxy list act as intermediary servers that conceal your IP address so You may visit a website without allowing the destination website to track you.

  • https://extratorrents.ch/
  • https://extratorrent.mrunblock.bar/
  • https://extratorrent.proxybit.sbs/
  • https://extratorrent.st/

2. Using TOR browser:

Tor is a private network. In this strategy, computers are linked together to share bandwidth and to browse the internet. Then, you can simply unblock extra torrent proxy sites with the Tor browser. You must type the URL into the TOR browser search bar and press enters to gain access to that site.

3. Using a VPN service:

We use proxy sites to unblock any sites that are blocked. However, because they pass personal information across, these proxy sites are unsafe for us. In VPN, this never happens. There is no information or encrypted data sent across the VPN. So that, there are several VPN services accessible, like TOR guard, Nord VPN, Expressvpn, Cyber Ghost, and others.

Some Top Alternatives For Extratorrent Site:

The Pirate Bay:

The inclusion of The Pirate Bay on this list of Extratorrent alternatives is unsurprising. The popular torrent site has a large collection of torrents for P2P file-sharing to download movies, games, documents, and more. The website offers a user-friendly layout that makes it simple to navigate. Then, if Extratorrent is unavailable for any reason, the Pirate Bay should be your first choice.


RARBG is the largest site for downloading the most recent content, such as music, movies, and television shows. It also hosts software, games, and adult material. RARBG’s content is available in a range of bitrates and resolutions, including DVD rip, Blu-ray, SD to 1080p. Moreover, RARBG provides a brief explanation, screenshots, a clean layout, cover art, and content-related information.


The yts torrent is a modified version of the ytfs torrent. This BitTorrent offers a large number of movies for free. Then, this site offers high-definition video with a small file size. As a result, a large number of users are attracted to it. This is a well-known torrent site for obtaining high-quality movies with subtitles in a range of languages.

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