Extend The Duration Of Your Australia Stay With Visitor Visa

Extend The Duration Of Your Australia Stay With Visitor Visa

Australia is a well-known country for its rich flora and fauna and has become a tourist’s favourite destination. Also, with emerging importance as a premier business destination, the land of Kangaroos has grasped a dominant place in world economies. As a traveller, you will never want to miss the chance of exploring sites like the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef and native animals like koalas and kangaroos. 

Now, imagine you have to stay in Australia for some postponed meeting with a client on a business assignment as a part of your busy work schedule. What to do then? The best solution is to apply for an Australian visitor visa 600 as you may not have possessed the visa to extend the durability of staying at your favourite destination yet. You must get in touch with a to perform all the necessary documentation work, submit it to the country’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and extend your stay in Australia. 

Aspects Before Becoming Eligible Visa Holder


The visitor visa – subclass 600 enables you to enjoy your desired stay, whereby you get the chance to travel all across the island continent. The visa allows you to engage in several business meetings or visit multiple tourist spots in different states/provinces or spend time with your loved ones in Australia. 

    1. A visitor visa is mandatory for everyone who desires extensive travel. However, this visa is not required if you’re a citizen of New Zealand or Australia. 

    2. You must fill in all your details in the visa application form. Submit the form after signing Incoming Passenger Card and declaring your health and character requirements. 

    3. Somewhat like the ETA subclass 601 visa, the visitor visa 600 allows you to extend your stay in the country for three, six, or 12 months. However, the duration of your stay cannot be extended at your own will as it has to abide by your visa validity. 

Visa Requirements

Your complete visa application form gets scrutinized by the Department of Immigration in Australia based on the details. The visitor visa 600 requirements has certain formalities, which include: 

    • To prove that you’re a genuine applicant, you must explain your purpose of visit to the authorities. You need to tell them whether your visit is meant for business interests or meeting relatives or tourist purposes. 

    • You have to tell whether you support your family financially or not.

    • You have to provide your biometrics after getting asked by the authority.

Moreover, the Australian visitor visa enables visa applicants to travel extensively to meet clients, visit family and friends, or holiday or sightseeing. With this visa, you can enjoy extending your stay in the country for at least one year. For instance, if you’re a business traveller on a short trip to Australia and within a few months of scheduled meetings, you can be eligible to apply for the ETA visa – subclass 601. In other scenarios, an eVisitor subclass 651 visa enables the applicants to work, study, as well as stay in Australia for three months. 

Processing Time 

Suppose you are interested in getting a visitor visa, ensuring to submit the required and relevant details without lacking any substance. If the information submitted by you fails to fulfil or meet the visa criteria, the authority will delay processing your Australian visitor visa application. If every document meets the visa criteria and satisfies the authority, you can expect the visitor visa to arrive following the typical processing time of 20-33 days. 

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  • Types of Visitor Visa Subclass 600
  • Tourist Stream (Apply In Australia)

This visa stream helps you visit Australia as a tourist or for reasons other than medical treatment or business. 

Tourist Stream (Apply Outside Australia)

This visa lets you stay in Australia as a tourist while going on a cruise or seeing family and friends. With this visa stream, you can stay up to 12 months more in this beautiful country. 

Sponsored Family Stream

This visa stream enables people who are sponsored by their friends or family members to enter or extend their stay in Australia. This visa lets you stay in the country for up to 12 months. 

    • You need to get sponsored by one of your eligible family members, who is a permanent resident or citizen in Australia. 

    • The authority may ask your sponsor for paying the security bond. 

    • When applying and when the authority decides your visa, you should be outside the country of Australia. 

Business Visitor Stream

This visa stream enables you to extend your stay in Australia for business reasons. This visa can allow people to stay in Australia for up to three months. 

    • The visa stream allows you to make a short visit for business visitor purposes, but you will be unable to work or sell any goods or services. 

    • When the visa is valid, the authority can let you enter Australia once or several times. 

    • When you apply for this visa and when it’s up for decision, ensure to be outside Australia at that moment. 

Approved Destination Status Stream

This visa stream is offered to the citizens from some specific areas of China who are on tour planned and arranged by an approved travel agent for visiting Australia. You can use this visa stream to stay in Australia until the date or period specified by the authority in the grant letter. 

Also, you should know that:

    • This visa stream enables the citizens of China (excluding SARs) to visit Australia with a tour guide and a well-organized tour group.

    • You have to stay with the organized tour group. 

Frequent Traveller Stream

This visa stream applies to the citizens of the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese citizens who often keep travelling to Australia for business or personal reasons are eligible for this visa.  

This visa stream can be granted to Chinese citizens for up to ten years. They can stay up to three months every time they enter Australia. 

As per this visa stream:

    • The authority may grant you a validity period of up to ten years.

    • You need to have a passport based on the People’s Republic of China. SARs is excluded.

    • Before applying to this visa stream, you must provide your biometrics within the People’s Republic of China. 

Final Words 

You can get in contact with the best visa consultant in Perth to seek their guidance on lasting solutions based on your visa type and visa duration. Suppose you’re in Australia for a business meeting or personal reason like a holiday or vacation. In that case, you can extend the duration of your stay in the country by sourcing benefits from the top four visas – Australia visitor visa subclass 600, Medical treatment visa Australia subclass 602, and e-visitor visa subclass 651.