Explore Holidays in Paxos

Explore Holidays in Paxos

Luxury holidays are full of comfort, excitement and thrill. When you choose holidays in Paxos, the days are filled up with beautiful sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and dining – the sea is just a few steps from your table. The area is covered with ancient olive groves & dramatic west-coast cliffs on the Epiros Mountains. You’ll catch glimpses with eye-catching views. In spring, there is a different vibe. A haze of purple wild irises and lilies with a sky full of birdlife are beautiful elements of Paxos. Explore things at Paxos that make you amazed with the most exciting holiday tour ever.

Small size, big tranquility 

Every corner of the small island brings peace to your life. It is just 10 Km long and 3 Km wide and does not offer any distraction like other islands. The ancient olive groves, secret herder tracks with white pebble beaches. The island is covered with the sea where you will find aquatic creatures and a lot of stuff to do. If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend some quality time, choose holidays in Paxos – a cherished and luxury destination for a vacation.

Paxos is relaxation 

The place keeps thousands of secrets. Your itineraries of Paxos are beautiful beaches, water activities, and a walk to cherished locations. The best part is the meditative appeal of the destination as you can have a late breakfast but an early nightcap. Paxos is a calm island as you’ll not find any nightlife but a peaceful environment. Just sit and relax at the harbor edge of three villages of Paxos and revisit the thought of life. Get your dream vacation at Paxos to keep your mind & soul relaxed.

Peace starts from here!

Want to do some fishing, yachting or scuba diving? The villages in Paxos have a different charm from the local white stone. Tradition and trust are two values that lie on this small Ionian island. There is no need to hurry because stunning views and taverns are not going anywhere. Take a personal boat and explore the hidden caves and scenery near Paxos. The holidays in Paxos are always exciting because there are thousands of scenes to visit.  

The taste of Paxos is different

An uncomplicated diet is a Greek cuisine because it gives a flavor of olive oil, lemon and herbs with the sea fruits. The diet is rich in protein & nutrients and the healthiest one ever. The recommendation of food at holidays in Paxos is pastitsada – a combination of chicken or veal cooked with cinnamon and onion. A traditional bowl of fish strews completes your trip.

After visiting the three villages of Paxos – Gaios, Loggos and Lakka – you will have perfect spots that make your day. These islands also offer outstanding Greek food with a local touch. If you want to take lunch, then harami beach suits you. The Monodendri and Mongonissi beaches give a variety of choices to eat. The Paxos evenings are always exciting with a touchpoint of beautiful beaches and locations.

Explore diversity at Paxos We all need a relaxing vacation due to a hectic work-life schedule. Paxos is a solution for all our needs. The holidays in Paxos are always the right choice. There are so many things to do on a small Ionian island with a rich variety of food. The night life is not so appealing but gives you a sense of relaxation. Every wind gives a message of a meditative place. This small island is rich in variation as you can do so many activities and you can explore the entire island through a walk. Hence, the holidays in Paxos are always a right choice and if you want to go then pack your bags and head towards this small Ionian island of Greece.