Everything You Need to Know About SEO

Overview of SEO

Search engine optimization is a technique of optimizing content to achieve higher ranking on the search engine and getting the organic traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you sell products and services, or write blogs, or anything else, SEO is a must for every website owner.

To put it simplify

SEO is the optimization technique to boost your organic search on the search engine result pages to gain more traffic to your site. It is a fast-paced and dynamic field. You need to update yourself with the new tactics to rank higher on Google.

These are the following techniques include optimizing

Your Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of SEO. A high quality, engaging, and SEO-friendly content can improve the ranking of the website. To apply the algorithms of SEO you need great content. So, never compromise with the content if you want to rank your site on Google. As a leading digital marketing company in Jaipur, we provide you standard quality based, easy to read, and informative plus promotional content at a cost-effective rate. You won’t believe that, many websites on the internet are gaining a huge response, leads, and sales by only sharing SEO-friendly content.

Keyword Research:

Another significant aspect of SEO is keyword researching. It would help if you were excellent in keyword researching. It is the process of finding keywords that you want to rank on the search engine. For example, if you are a cardboard seller, then you will get the keywords like “Cardboard seller in Jaipur.” Or another example, like if you are an application developer, you will target the keyword like “App development company in Jaipur.” There are plenty of tools on the internet that help you in finding the high ranking keywords of your niche. Once you get the keywords, now put in your content. Keep in mind, avoid keywords stuffing it will penalize your website and increase your bounce rate.


Backlinking is on-trend. When you ask a digital marketing company in Jaipur the importance of backlink in SEO, they will say huge. It doesn’t only increase the website ranking, but also it’s domain authority.

Focus on Quality:

As mentioned content should be high in quality; otherwise you won’t get rank on Google. Since the competition is very high in the market, every third app development company in Jaipur offers top web content to the clients. So, as a leading digital marketing company in Jaipur we have to push our creativity and professionalism to offer satisfactory writing services to the clients. No matter, what business you are running, your write up on your site must be clean, easy to read, and SEO-friendly.

Top 10 SEO Techniques You Need to Follow

1.  Remove anything that slows your site

Whether it’s a video or GIF, if it is slowing your website’s loading speed, remove it. Readers don’t like the sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. A slow page frustrates the readers and increases the bounce rates.

2. Link to another site with relevant content

One of the best techniques that can easily increase the domain authority and website rank on the search engine is linking the other sites content to your content. Link building is the fundamental part of SEO and you should not avoid it.

3. Short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords

There are two types of keywords that help SEO experts to improve their rank. Compared to short-tail keywords, long-tails are an effective one. For example, if you are running a digital marketing company, “Digital marketing” is less effective than “Digital marketing company in Jaipur.”

If you want to drive the best SEO campaigns results, you should definitely consider the long-tail keywords. These keywords will drive more traffic than short tails.

4. Have web analytics in the place

After defining your search engine optimization goals clearly, you need software to track the site’s performance and for that hire web analytics. You can also use software like Google console and Google analytics to check the site’s performance.

Final Say

We hope this comprehensive guide on SEO will help you a lot. If you have just launched the site and want to increase its ranking, you should definitely hire the digital marketing company in Jaipur to do the best SEO for you. E Digital Networks is a leading the most trustworthy company in Jaipur that covers all digital marketing services and offers them at a cost-effective rate.


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