Everything You Need to Know about Custom Vape Boxes

Indeed, product presentation is everything. No customer will be easily attracted to purchase vape items, especially if they are manufactured under a new brand. This is where vape boxes wholesale can help your brand enter this new trend.

The modern concept of vaping represents a high-quality smoking method using nicotine smoke. With the rapid spread of vaping, more and more smokers, including both traditional and experienced cigarette smokers, are turning to vape items. For brands, this opens up great opportunities for innovative businesses. How? Here is everything you need to know about custom vape boxes.

What Is Vape?

To understand the trend, we first need to know exactly what vape is. A vape item or vaporizer is a small device designed to turn a small amount of CBD oil into breathable fumes. 

Inhaling from a vaping item is similar to smoking. However, it does not burn your lungs, and obviously, it provides a better experience. Even better, the vape item passes nothing but a fragmented e-juice.

What Makes Vape a Trend?

When someone smokes, they consume the plants and emit the mundane dark smoke. This smoke is not only very hot. In addition, it conveys the choice of plant material consumed. Those smokers want to participate in the synthetic constituents of plant substances. However, the consumed plant debris is still inhaled. This can eventually damage the lungs.

On the other hand, the disassembly-only vape offered in branded vape boxes wholesale does not use ignition. This means that those smokers will assimilate only what they need. These enhancing control and careful maintenance of health are the ones that make them pleased with vape items.

What Is the Future of Vaping?

With all the obvious justifications for initiating vaping, many smokers today are moving toward getting a vape pen.

Does that mean that the standard cigarettes in those custom cigarette boxes are left behind? Not really. Some older smokers continue to adhere to some brands of traditional cigarettes.

On the contrary, looking at vaping is a great new thing. The possibility of vaping is becoming more and more important in public. Today, we can see many people vaping on the street.

The future is probably not entirely clear about this vaping trend. Yet, it is almost certain that more smokers will switch to this trend.

Again, this can be a great opportunity for your brand to be successful and more profitable. You can confidently step into this new trend by bringing what is known as an exclusive vape item. For this, you need innovative custom printed vape boxes. By applying a creative design to the boxes, you can get more customers to purchase your vape items.

How to Ship Your Vape Items Securely with Custom Vape Boxes?

In the online business industry, vape items are becoming more famous than traditional cigarettes. This means that the number of brands selling these items continues to grow. Due to the novel parts and nature of vape items you need to pay more focus when shipping your vape items. Additionally, you need to consider giving satisfaction to your customers as well.

To help you out in this case, below are some strategies you can use to start delivering your vape items with custom vape boxes.

  • Arrange Your Items Properly

When shipping your vape items, it is important to set them up without pressure. You would not want your vape items moving around. Most importantly, you don’t need the items to get crushed. Inappropriately packed lithium-particle batteries of your vape items can cause delays at checkpoints. Worse, they can easily burst into flames. So. Make sure to arrange your items properly in the boxes.

  • Pack By Predicting Damage

Use durable corrugated cardboard for your vape boxes wholesale. Fractions of tears that can compromise the strength of the boxes will increase the risk of damaging the items inside. By supporting and covering your vape items with the correct void fill, you can prevent damage to sensitive parts.

If you are concerned about possible damage, you can add some inner packaging materials such as bubble wraps inside your boxes.

  • Understand the Delivery Rules

As vape items and their equipment are relatively new, all countries are dealing with their policies in unexpected ways. You need to understand what the destination country expects from the cargo. Otherwise, you will have to deal with delays and legitimate issues.

Customs professionals usually put these vape items under additional security checks. Therefore, you need to know the delivery rules when designing your custom printed vape boxes.

  • Pre-Bundled Equipment? Go for a Single Packaging Strategy

Delivering vape equipment in its current packaging is always the best choice you could do. You can essentially wrap the equipment in by adding in some air pocket pad. Remember to place it in a fittingly measured single packaging. Additionally, you can add some void fill, and seal the packaging tightly with packaging tape.

  • Unpackaged Equipment? Choose the twofold Box Technique

In case you are delivering your vape items that do not have existing packaging of their own, you should choose the twofold box strategy. Place a small layered box that will smoothly fit your items, while generally ruling out void fill.

Then, close every segment by bubble pad and place them in your custom vape boxes. In the end, you can close the boxes by fixing pressing tape. If you need to load your items into a bigger delivery box, support them with extra void fill. For example, you can use packaging peanuts and safely close the box using more tape.

So, are you ready to join the new vaping trend with your custom printed vape boxes?

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