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There would be no wrong in saying that warehousing, order fulfillment, e-commerce industries, and automated material handling have come a long way in the past decade, especially since the pandemic outbreak.Operations had few options outside of manual sorting in the past, today's businesses have a multitude of potential automated solutions that can drive down labor cost, fatten up the bottom line, and boost efficiency.

Undoubtedly, it can be challenging for a business to choose the best piece of technology according to their requirements whether their business operations are still reliant on more manual processes, or they are simply using an aged sorter that needs to be upgraded.

Before gliding into the article, let's first understand what is an automated sortation solution and why it is crucial for the businesses of this ever-evolving world.

Sortation is basically a process of identifying goods on a conveyor system and diverting them to a certain destination within an operation, for example, different types of parcel carrier doors or packing stations.While manual sorting solutions rely on human workers to identify and divert items as required, automated sortation solutions possess a variety of robust technologies including barcode scanners and other sensors. The agenda of accommodation of robust and reliable technologies is to accomplish certain tasks without the association of human intervention.

Benefits of Sortation Systems

It is possible for an order fulfillment operation to realize substantial advantages by optimizing and automating the low-value and the easily repeated task of sortation. Some of the benefits that warehouses can leverage after the successful implementation of the sortation system are as follow:

  • The capability of reclaiming unused vertical space depends on the model.
  • More efficient utilization of the floor space.
  • Fewer chances of risks and accidents.
  • Increased order volumes without adding proportional labor
  • Efficient order processing
  • Enhanced order accuracy
  • Streamlined packing operations
  • Optimized picking strategy
  • Overall reduced labor cost
  • Fewer growth constraints tied to lack of labor availability
  • Double handling of orders and less walking

Types of Sorters

Generally speaking, automated warehouse sortation systems are categorized into two major categories:

Case sorters

  • Pop-up wheel
  • Roller
  • Belt sorter
  • Pivoting arm sorter
  • Pusher sorter

Unit sorters

  • Tilt-tray and cross belt sorters
  • Push tray sorter
  • Bombay sorters
  • Pouch or pocket sorter
  • Garment-on-hanger (GOH) sorter

Case and unit sorter

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  • Sliding shoe sorter
  • Narrow belt sorter

Applications of Sortation Solution

Picking trends get all the attention when it comes to sorting.Without a shadow a doubt, automated sortation solutions can go a long way in optimizing your order fulfillment system for the modern realities your operation is facing.

Applications of automated sortation systems include the following:


  • Return processing
  • Putaway
  • Cross-docking
  • Picking and packing
  • Shipping
  • Cost Factors

There are several factors that can influence the cost of the .developing a better understanding of these factors and how they probably impact the budget of a business can make it effortless for business owners and warehouse managers to select the appropriate sortation system:

The cost factors include the following:

  • Required throughput
  • The number of diverts or destinations
  • The type of sorter
  • The length of the system
  • The size of the system

Choose The Right Sortation System According To Your Requirements

Business owners or warehouse managers should ask themselves the following list of questions if they are unsure of the certain type of technology or sorter that makes sense for them.

  • Do you have any space considerations within which the new system will need to fit?
  • How many divert or destinations are required?
  • What is your required throughput?
  • Do you anticipate substantial operational growth in either the short-term or long-term which will need to be accounted for?
  • How might the product characteristics you handle impact sorter selection?
  • Are there any other technologies that might suit you better to help you reach your goal?
  • What are the operational goals or challenges that are leading you to consider an automated sortation system, to begin with?

If a warehouse manager or business owner is still unsure of which sortation system is best for their warehouse, they should list down all of their crucial requirements and head towards the forward-thinking solution provider, such as MWI Solutions to determine the best path for their business.

They offer ideal material handling systems and automated material handling equipment all across the United States of America (USA). they offer industry-leading technologies and services across a wide range of industries, eCommerce, retail, third-party logistics (3PLS), aerospace, food provider, and more.

On top of that, they offer a comprehensive range of professional services including financing, capital equipment justification, financing, and ultimate agenda towards creating a competitive benefit for your organization. These promising services include electrical panel fabrication, permitting process for building, fire, seismic, facility planning, strategy development, product improvement, operations assessment, and more.

They offer the following list of promising technologies:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Package and tote handling
  • Parcel and mail handling
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Food and beverage
  • Cross-docking
  • Pallet and drum handling
  • Downlines and chutes
  • Trailer loading and unloading
  • Spiral conveyors and vertical lifts
  • Sortation systems
  • Sliding shoe sorters
  • Narrow belt sorters
  • Pop-up wheel sorters
  • Tilt tray or Cross Belt
  • Carton flow or pallet flow
  • Viper sorter or sweep sorter
  • Goods to Person

Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS)

  • GTP carousels
  • Mobile robots
  • vertical storage carousels lift module
  • Order fulfillment
  • Voice directed picking
  • Pick to light
  • Order carousels
  • Goods to person
  • Automated picking
  • Zone routing
  • End of line automation
  • In motion scale manifesting
  • Print and apply applications
  • Carton forming and induction
  • Packing and sealing
  • Palletizing/stretch wrapping
  • Custom application

Following are the partner companies to which they resell and integrates with:

  • Lightning Pack
  • Knapp
  • Kindred
  • SI Systems A-Frames
  • Hannibal
  • Hanel
  • Modsort(Regal Beloit)
  • ID technologies
  • Intralox
  • TGW
  • Interroll
  • Intelligrated Honeywell
  • Effimat
  • OPEX
  • Gray Orange
  • Hytrol

Moreover, here are the technology companies MWI do not resell but usually integrates with:

  • SICK
  • Beckhoff
  • Cognex
  • BestPack
  • Rockwell Automation

They are pleased to offer a free walk-through of your facility so that their professional staff can provide feedback on your existing operation. So without any further delay, head towards the official website of MWI Solutions.

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