Everything About the Precise Technique to Stack & Store Firewood Near Me for Its Proper Seasoning!

Everything About the Precise Technique to Stack & Store Firewood Near Me for Its Proper Seasoning!

Do you live in the Snowy Mountains region or any area that expanses from Victoria to New South Wales that receives plenty of snowfall every winter? If yes, are you preparing yourself for the significant snowfall that’s about to befall you this June through August? Have you stocked up firewood from stores nearby – collected plenty of firewood by looking up firewood near me? Have you just moved to the region and a complete newbie when it comes to firewood and winters? 

This expansive blog is perfect for your every need related to cheap firewood near me to how to begin stacking and storing them for use this coming winter. 

The Stacking Process 

Before even beginning to figure out how to stack cheap firewood near me in your shed on the grounds, find out the elements that are naturally friendly or are enemies to your firewood. Rain & snow tends to damage the good quality and seasoned firewood, deeming it unusable. However, laying it flat on the ground ensures that they are exposed off to moisture and insects that in turn speed up the process of decay. 

Steps Involved in Stacking

  • Location of Woodpile – Choosing the right location to build your woodpile is extremely crucial. Ensure to choose an area that has great drainage. There should be a stagnancy of water in this area. Ensure also that the pile is not exposed to rainfall. 
  • Leave room for Airspace – Leave plenty of room such that when you stack a woodpile, there’s enough airspace between each of the pieces of firewood near me
  • Keep it Off the Ground – By starting the piling up on a few pressure treated planks or any water-resistant material, you could ensure that the woodpile is free from excessive moisture that deems the wood useless. Keep it off the ground for it to work. 
  • Stacks should be no higher than 4 feet – cover ground rather than height. The right way to store a woodpile and cover it well is to make stacks that are no higher than 4 feet. 

Steps Involved in Covering Firewood in the Proper Manner

Properly covering firewood will ensure that the firewood has longevity in terms of its shelf life and lasts well through the entire winter period to keep you warm. 

Here are some of the best ways to cover the firewood in a proper manner: 

  • Use a tarp – This is by far the easiest technique of covering up firewood near me. Right after stacking the wood, place a tarp on top of the stack and cover the top and leave it hanging down by an inch at the least. Ensure not to entirely cover up the sides of the stack as this could cut off airflow and stop the curing process of the stack. 
  • Use a Commercial Firewood Cover – You may also opt to purchase a firewood cover as opposed to a tarp. These covers are made to maximize the airflow while still keeping rain and snowfall at bay. Having holes in the firewood cover ensures that there is an ample amount of air passing through.