Essential Tips To a Well-Maintained Home Furniture

Essential Tips To a Well-Maintained Home Furniture

A lot of us assume that renovating or decorating the home interiors is a one-time job, but let us tell you that all your home furnishings need continual maintenance activity so that they look as new as ever. Home furniture like the couch, dining table, bed are used every day extensively and they are also subjected to wear and tear with all the activity around it. Here are some easy-to-do tips that you can employ to protect your furniture, and make it last longer.

1. Move your furniture slowly and carefully: Whether you are shifting the furniture to a new place or rearranging it within your home, do not ever drag or push your furniture, always lift it off the floor from all the sides. Pushing or pulling can cause potential damage to the furniture as well may even scratch the floor. When moving heavy furniture like a sofa, ask someone to lend you a helping hand to carry it from the other side.

2. Tighten any loose screws: Now and then take some time out to analyze the health of your furniture to spot any wobbly wooden table or a chair. With continual use, the joints of the furniture tend to become loose, and this can be simply fixed by tightening the screws holding the piece together. If you think you need professional help, then call the carpenter without much delay to prevent the furniture from being further damaged.

3. Polish when necessary: Sometimes all your furniture needs is a coat of polish to make it look brand new. Try and avoid polish that has ammonia because it may cause corrosion, opt for mild abrasive polish for long-lasting results. If your furniture has knobs or handles made out of brass, get that polished too to make the furniture look attractive.

4. Dust every day: Don’t let any dust accumulate on your furniture because it makes the furniture look faded or worn out. Daily dusting and vacuuming are two simple ways to maintain the furniture you have with ease. In case there are stains on your sofa, get that chemically treated immediately otherwise it may end out being soaked furthermore into the fabric.

5. Use appropriate cleaning agents: Different surfaces need different sorts of cleaning agents. Steer clear from all-purpose cleaners because they may not be suitable for all sorts of fabrics. For example, a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar may work wonders to clean a leather chair or sofa, but may not be the right pick when cleaning a wooden table.

6. Avoid direct sunlight: We all love to welcome some sunlight in our homes but remember direct exposure to sunlight can cause rapid fading of wooden furniture especially. You can use sheer curtains to control the amount of sunlight flowing to protect your furniture.

7. Get slipcovers: When you have toddlers and young children running around in the house, accidental spillage and stains are bound to happen. It is a very good idea to get slipcovers for your furniture, especially sofa sets, designer chairs, to help prevent stains. These slipcovers also give added protection to your furniture and make it last longer.

Of everything, avoid inexpensive furniture because you will end up spending a lot of money, time, and effort in maintaining it.