Earn Your Online Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication

Earn Your Online Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication

The online bachelor degree in visual communication will enable you to utilize graphics and artistic rendering to construct or deliver a message. It will give you the requisite expertise to begin a promising career as a creative professional in advertising agencies or various other fields. Visual communication spans a wide range of fields where it is applied from online development to branding and advertising. Being an online program, students can study it at their own convenience. This bachelor degree program not only confers basic visual communication competencies, but it also instils proficiency with the latest tools and software required to use them. You don’t have to be a student to pursue an online Visual Communication study London; you can pursue this degree even if you are a professional in the field of graphic designing or an artist who wishes to further improve skill without compromising your existing schedule.

Eligibility Criteria for Online Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication (VC)

The eligibility criteria for an online bachelor degree in VC are a high school diploma or degree. You will need a good artistic skill and should be creative to be successful in this field. A good knowledge in computers will also help you.

Course Details

The online bachelor degree in visual communication is designed to train you in marketing, technical skills and design, which is necessary in the visual communications field. This course work typically includes computer graphics, visual display software, mass communication, English grammar, and composition. The different concepts you will explore during the course of study are publishing, design, artistic illustration, and visual media. The degree can vary with concentrations in computers and information technology. This degree will provide you with plenty of options for using your creative skills in various fields such as TV advertising, print or graphic design. This online bachelor degree is a specialized course that is offered online by some of the top colleges in the world. Being an online degree program, you can pursue it from you home and save the cost of a traditional class-room course. The online bachelor degree in VC is mainly designed for graphic designers, artists and multimedia professionals.

Career Prospects

Earning your online bachelor degree in Visual Communication allows you to pursue a diverse range of careers. A few of the highlighted career opportunities available are advertising executive, animator, graphic designer, web art director and illustrator. These are only a part of the many career opportunities available to you once you get your degree. You can expect an annual income of around $30,000 to around $60,000. Once you gain experience, you will be earning a lot more.

Colleges Offering Online Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication

There are quite a few colleges and universities offering this online degree. Some of them are:

  • University of Phoenix
  • Kaplan University
  • Westwood College online
  • Colorado technical college online
  • Everest University online

All these colleges and universities have online programs mainly designed for students and professionals.

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