Dubai Metro Map Guide 2022 | Future Trip Experience

Dubai Metro Map Guide 2022 | Future Trip Experience

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For those who use public transportation, this is the definitive guide to using Metro Dubai! Dubai Metro! Since its introduction at the beginning of 2009 the Dubai Metro has changed the whole city’s landscape. Travelling to and from Dubai is now easier and less expensive.
Because it is an integral part of the daily life as it is in Dubai the overview of this section of the Dubai Metro covers all the details you require. Prices, timings stations, timings and a of more…to assist you in making informed choices when you travel across Dubai.


The metro system in Dubai is in operation during the week. However the timings for weekends can differ from weekdays.
Beginning on June 1, 2021, The Expo 2020 station will be the final designated station along the Red Line. Travelers who are traveling towards UAE Exchange Station UAE Exchange station must change trains at Jabal Ali Metro Station. Jabal Ali Metro Station.
The Green Line, it runs from Creek Station to Escalate Station.
Keep in mind this: RTA Dubai usually will announce various Dubai Metro timings during public holidays like Eid or National Day.
Every passenger must wear a face mask when taking the Dubai Metro. Safety precautions must be observed and physical distancing during commuters is also a requirement. Keep in mind that commuters may be subject to severe penalties for breaking the COVID-19 security measures that are set to be enforced by the federal government.
If you require a trip or other occasions, customers can reserve a taxi using apps like Careem and Uber apps.
Are you looking for “metro timings today Are you looking for ‘metro timings today’? Look at these RTA metro timings in Dubai on weekends and weekdays.

METRO 2022 TIMINGS for all lines

The present schedules for Dubai Metro are:
Saturday through Wednesday: 05:00 AM to 01.15 morning (next day) Thursday and Friday: 05:00 AM to 02.15 morning (next day)
Because the UAE will be introducing the new schedule of weekends starting in 2022 The RTA is announcing new operating times on Dubai Metro. Dubai Metro.

Days The program begins at The program will end at
Monday through Thursday 05:00 am 01:15 am (Next Day)
Friday and Saturday 05:00 am 02:15 am (Next Day)
Sunday 08:00 am 01:15 am (Next Day)

The new times on both Red as well as the Green lines will go into effect starting on 3 January 2022.


There are two major lines which are that is the Red Line and Green Line which are both part of the metro system of Dubai.
⦁ Red Line: The Red Line runs from Centre point Metro Station (formerly Al Rashidiya) to Expo 2020 Metro Station and vice versa.
⦁ The Green Line runs from Escalate to Creek and vice versa.
It is worth noting that the Red as well as the Green lines of the Dubai Metro intersect at Burjuman and Union two of the most popular Metro stations located in Dubai. While Burjuman is located close to residents living in apartment rentals within Bur Dubai and neighboring areas, Union is convenient for those who reside in Deira.

Trains can be boarding in accordance with the desired direction of travel. This is accomplished by going to any of the platforms that are located at each station. Two Red Line platforms called Centre point as well as Expo 2020 based on the preferred route of travel.

Similar to the other platforms, the 2 Green Line platforms are named Etisalat and Creek. It is the Dubai Metro schedule is such that you are able to catch trains every 5 minutes, depending on the station you’re at.
Are you looking to keep your Dubai Metro station maps on hand while traveling within Dubai? Take a look at this Dubai Metro Map 2021 highlighting all stations along Route 2020, the Red, Green lines and Route 2020.

Keep in mind that metro stations may be named differently in connection with the name rights initiative. Keep checking this guide to keep up-to-date regarding changing the Dubai Metro station name changes.
In August 2021 In August 2021, The RTA declared the Al Rashidiya and Al Jafiliya stations will be named Centre point and Max respectively. In the same way, Dubai Marina Metro Station was changed to Sobha Realty Metro Station.
Check out the most recent listing of Dubai Metro stations:


Route 2020, a 15-kilometre track extension of the Dubai Metro, is now operating featuring seven stations. There are two elevated and five underground stations in the Route 2020 extension that has made public transportation more accessible to those living within Discovery Gardens and those living in the homes for rent located in Al Furjan.

It is the Red Line starting from Centre point is now directly connected to Expo 2020 with stops at Al Furjan, Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Golf Estates and Dubai Investments Park. The route will end in the Expo 2020 site. This is because the UAE government has put in hugely in making sure that the accessibility of visitors to Expo 2020 on public transportation with ease and in comfort.


The city is divided into seven zones of public transportation according to the Dubai Metro Map. With the launch of the newly constructed Route 2020 stations, the metro will be running through five zones one zone: Zone 1, Zone 2 Zone 3, Zone 5, as well as Zone 6. The the number of zones you go through determines the cost of your trip.
The zones also apply to transfers from metro to other public transportation, such as trams, buses, or water-buses. To allow a single trip on two modes of transport to be counted as one transfer, it must be completed inside 30 minutes.


Customers must purchase the Dubai NOL card to take advantage of public transportation in Dubai. It’s an electronic card which is used to access and pay Dubai Metro fees, but this isn’t all. Metro NOL cards can be used to access additional RTA services, like payment of parking fees as well as shopping at Zoom supermarkets, and even to pay to pay for taxis within Dubai.
Below are five kinds of NOL cards that are available in Dubai. Be aware that each card comes with different advantages and prices.
⦁ Gold Card (AED 25 with balance of AED 19) – Allows you to travel only in Gold Class cabins, with slightly more expensive Dubai Metro fares.
⦁ Silver Card (AED 25 plus the balance of AED 19) – Allows you to ride in the regular metro cabins.
⦁ Blue Card/Personalized (Regular Card – AED 70, with AED 20 credits and Gold AED 80 with AED 80, with AED 20 credits) – This is utilized by adults, students seniors, senior citizens social affairs beneficiaries and others who are determined. The card displays your photo as well as your name.
⦁ Red Card (AED 2) – These are Dubai Metro tickets for single trip. It’s a rechargeable card which can be loaded for up to 10 journeys.
⦁ The Customized Card (AED 30) – When purchasing the Personalized Card You can add an additional 30 AED for a funky-looking card with distinctive designs.

DUBAI METRO Train Cabins

Dubai Metro travelers can find three metro cabins.
⦁ Gold Class Cabin – This cabin is located in rear of the train available to Gold NOL card holders.
⦁ Ladies & children’s cabin Dedicated cabin for women and children is accessible by using any NOL card. The cabins are situated near close to the terminus of trains, to make sure a safe and comfortable travel for all.
⦁ Standard Class Cabin General cabin available to all metro passengers and can be accessed using every NOL card.


If you own a vehicle but want to take the metro system, there’s three stops that provide free parking for cars who commute by train.
Centre point and Jebel Ali are two of the free car park stations that are located on the Red Line.
It is worth noting that the Etisalat metro station offers a free car park along the Green Line and is often employed by those working in Dubai however


Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Dubai Metro. Dubai Metro.
It is simple to find when the last Dubai Metro train for each station by examining the timetable for RTA metro timetables.


The timings for the metro on Fridays are 08:00 am until 02:15 am (the the next day).
Does Dubai Metro go to the airport?
Yes Two Red Line stations are connected to the Dubai Airport terminals. They are:
⦁ Dubai International Terminal 3.
⦁ Dubai International Terminal 1.
Is there a DUBAI METRO App?
Shall is among those approved RTA applications you can download to plan your trip on the metro system in Dubai.

What Metro stations are near MALLS?

There are many famous shopping centers within Dubai are located close to the metro station. This includes:
⦁ Deira City Centre
⦁ Al Ghurair (Union)
⦁ Burjuman
⦁ The Dubai Mall
⦁ Dubai Marina Mall (via the Tram)
⦁ Mall of the Emirates
⦁ Ibn Battuta
Is the DUBAI METRO ON DISPLAY 24 hours a day?
The last time for metro service in Dubai is midnight on weekdays, and 02:15 AM (the following day) on weekends.


Yes, you are allowed to carry luggage on the metro. However, there are some rules to be adhered to. Passengers can have two suitcases two suitcases: one large one that is not larger than the dimensions of 81 cm in size, 58 cm in length and 30 cm as well as smaller suitcases that are smaller suitcase that cannot exceed 55 cm 38 cm x 20cm. All luggage is to be kept in the designated cabins within each compartment.


It is possible to pay for your journeys on the metro Dubai by using the NOL Card. However, can also be used in order to purchase other services of public transportation like public buses and trams. You can however add more money to the balance of your NOL Card with cash.

Where can I buy METRO tickets in DUBAI?

You can purchase an NOL card and ticket at the ticket office or self-service kiosks located at all metro stations in Dubai. Self-service kiosks for buying tickets or topping an NOL account are accessible in Dubai Tram stations.
If you’re in violation of any law or regulations, you may be subject to penalties for public transportation within Dubai.


The minimum amount you pay for a ride in the metro is AED 3 when you have the Silver NOL Card. AED6 when using the Gold NOL Card, and AED 4 for the Red Ticket. This is the case when you’re in one area like between Burjuman up to The Dubai Mall.

What is the cost of a DAY A PASS ON the DUBAI METRO?
You can buy a Dubai Metro day pass for AED 22. This enables the user to travel for unlimited times with the Dubai Metro’s gold or regular cabins in a single day. A day ticket for Gold Cabin costs AED 42. Gold Cabin costs AED 42.

How do I get to EXPO 2020 on the DUBAI METRO?

The passengers can get to the Expo site by using the Metro’s Red Line train. If you’re looking for the “Dubai Metro Expo 2020 Route Map’, take a look at the map below to find out the best way to get towards the Expo site by metro.
The guide concludes with using the Metro train system in Dubai! There are many more sources to help you navigate to the city center using public transportation. For example, if you need to know the exact timings of the metro trains for your travel plans then you can utilize public transportation applications in Dubai like Shall or RTA Dubai. It is possible to learn more about this fantastic service by studying Dubai Metro facts.
For the latest news on life in Dubai keep an eye on the most popular travel blog within the UAE.