Different Types of Donuts and How to Pack Them

Different Types of Donuts and How to Pack Them

Donut boxes are widely used in food businesses. They are manufactured from cardboard and kraft stocks which makes them the perfect packaging material for food items like donuts. They are suitable for packaging because they keep them fresh for a long time. They are not only hygienically safe but also protect them from any damage like deformation. These boxes are variably used by printing different designs on them. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are eco-friendly and can be reused by recycling. Colored and printed boxes attract customers and uplift your business. They are also used to build brand recognition.

Donuts are the most favorite sweet treat for everyone, especially kids. Earlier, there were only a few types and flavors of them. Now they are available in a lot of flavors, shapes, sizes, and toppings. Glazed ones have caught a hype currently. Different flavors displayed in beautiful donut boxes become an attraction for everyone, and they are irresistible. A good thing about them is that there is no need for a special event to eat them. They fulfill your sugar cravings and make the dessert corner look more attractive at your special events. Even if you have had food, there will always be room for dessert after that.


Among many types of donuts, a famous type is the cream-filled ones. As the name suggests, they are filled with cream. The cream inside can be of any flavor or can be plain. They will taste good in both ways. Studies say that eating something sweet can reduce stress. Cream-filled sweets will not only release your stress but will make your mood happy. They are a wholesome treat. If you are running late for work or school, just grab a cream-filled donut and a cup of coffee. They will satisfy your hunger and cravings both at once. Businesses these days opt for cardboard boxes to package them as they are to be carried with care.


Google trends suggest that glazed donuts are the most liked flavor in the United States. They are special because of the sugar syrup coating that creates a crunch. They have become very popular and are liked by all. Custom donut boxes make this sweet treat more beautifulbecause they come in different colors and designs. The airy, soft, and sweet treat will make you eat one more.


Center-filled desserts further have many more variations. One of them is the custard-filled treats. They are filled with custards of different flavors and may sometimes be topped with colored sprinkles. They are softer than the regular ones; therefore, they should be packaged in custom donut boxes. They will not only keep them safe from deformation but will also make them look attractive. One good thing about them is that they are nutritionally beneficial than the other ones. This is because they are made with milk. 

Plain chocolate coated 

This is the most eaten and oldest type. It is made from simple vanilla-flavored dough and is coated with dark or simple sweetened chocolate. It has a benefit that it is easy to afford. For the consumers, it is easy to make it at home. It does not require any high-priced ingredients such as heavy cream. For brands, it can be packaged in bulk because it is not easily deformed. Moreover, donut boxes wholesale are also easy to afford and are perfect for food packaging.

Cinnamon and cream

Cinnamon and cream is the new favorite flavor for everyone. They are made with cinnamon sugar with a slightly sweet dough. Then they are topped with sugar icing with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder. Since they are trending, food businesses tend to present them beautifully in custom boxes. It attracts more customers and makes the sweet treat look even more appealing. It is preferable to package them one in a single box and a maximum of two in one box. It is so that they do not become sticky.

Donut holes

These holes do not appear like the traditional ones with a hole in the center. They are made with the same ingredients and toppings but with a different shape. They are liked by most people because of their small size. They are made for a single bite. They are soft, gooey, and easy to eat. A lot of them come in a single serving. They look very attractive because of their different shape and mostly because of their convenient size.

Donuts are a sweet treat that everyone likes. Different variations in shapes and flavors are always fun to eat and to make. All the types are packages in different types of boxes in different shapes and sizes. Donut boxes with attractive designs and colors are used by businesses to promote their brands and safely package the products.