Different Amazing Women’s Day Activities In Office 

Different Amazing Women’s Day Activities In Office 

It is almost time for International Women’s Day! March 8th is a day dedicated to empowering women and celebrating their efforts to make the world a better place to live in. This is a day that represents a turning point in the women’s rights movement. 

Sheryl Sandberg famously stated,

“A genuinely equitable society would be one where women managed half our governments and corporations and men ran half our households,”

Numerous businesses and organizations search for new and engaging women’s day activities to honour and make their female employees feel special on such a day. They hope to make International Women’s Day a productive, good, and memorable day.

That is why we are providing you with some amazing women’s day activities in office. So, the organizations are confused about how they celebrate women’s day and what are the women’s day activities in office. This blog will be helpful to you. Let’s start discussing the different amazing women’s day activities in office.

Amazing Women’s Day Activities In Office

Following are the activities of women’s day that you can celebrate in your office. Just take a look at them;

Decorate The Office

The journey may sometimes be the destination. How about getting everyone engaged in building up the enthusiasm for the big day? Rather than outsourcing the work of hanging buntings, balloons, and banners, divide staff into smaller groups and assign them alternative tasks. Do not forget to include display posters that highlight inspirational women’s stories as well.

Set Up The Day’s Colour Or Dress Code

Encourage everyone in the office (not just the ladies) to wear a lovely shade of pink or purple or to follow a certain dress code. Colors provide energy to everything we do. It is the best way to show unity with all the women in the company.

Thoughtful Gifting

Regardless of the position on the corporate ladder, everyone enjoys receiving presents. To make the women at the office feel special, give them a bouquet, a card, and chocolate. You might even surprise them with gift certificates for a family meal at a restaurant or boutique shopping.

Communicated By Email, Newsletter, Or Social Media

Gratitude is a strong motivator for happiness. What better day than today to send a thank you message to all the ladies who help to make the office a great place? Send personalized emails thanking them for their efforts. Furthermore, send out a mail to the entire workplace in which each and every lady gets recognized for her achievements. Individual comments should be posted on your company’s social media channel.


Try an exercise that has been shown to have both physical and mental advantages, as well as enhancing staff morale, productivity, and teamwork, according to research. Dancing promotes bonding by relieving stress. The delight and freedom of expressing oneself are more potent than the fear of being judged if they do not express themselves. Dance is an excellent way to boost confidence while also building teamwork. The Happy Feet Challenge is a fun game to play.

Organize a talent show

Encourage the ladies in your company to show off some of their hidden abilities. You might not even realize you are surrounded by a singer, a storyteller, or a drummer. We are surrounded by superwomen who balance plenty of duties while still being extremely talented. Sometimes all they require is a stage. Allow yourself to be shocked.

Team Outing

There is nothing like planning a special team outing for all of your team members. However, to make it unique, significant planning is required. You could participate in activities that break gender norms about what women can and cannot do. The Velocipede Challenge, for example, the Pirate Gaming Challenge, or the Wine Tasting Challenge. You might contract a female comedian to do a stand-up comedy show based on women’s issues. You might also invite Deeya Bajaj, an outstanding motivational speaker, to tell her story. 

Personalized Gifts

As a unique memento to celebrate the day, give your female colleagues a gift in which their images have been customized and printed. Furthermore, you may give out customized diaries with the names of all the women achievers in the company and autographed by one of the achievers.

Cooking show

Working women have a lot on their hands, balancing job and family life, and chasing time. Get some of the company’s greatest chefs to prepare their best meals and share helpful cooking hints. Similarly, organize a Cook-Off competition for the males in the office and have the ladies serve as judges.

Cherish them

In the organization, there are some outstanding female employees. Promote them on the company’s website and show their constant commitment to their work. Furthermore, arrange an award ceremony and give out awards to all of the organization’s female achievements.


We have discussed the women’s day activities in office in the above blog. These are just some of the activities. You can organize various activities and games also. There are a lot of women’s day activities in office, instead of the above. You can use the above activities and add others to celebrate women’s day. So, enjoy this Women’s day with your colleagues and employees. Happy Women’s Day!