Determining the Value of Your Used Dental Equipment

Determining the Value of Your Used Dental Equipment

Renew Digital is the leading provider of certified pre-owned panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT dental imaging systems throughout the United States. As such, they offer free valuations for all used dental equipment that they purchase. However, how do they determine the value for sellers for their used dental X-ray machines? Renew Digital takes several key factors into account when valuing a pre-owned panoramic or cone beam system; let’s consider some of these.

Select Models

Renew Digital purchases only select models of digital extraoral imaging equipment, including panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT systems. They do not accept analog or phosphor plate systems because the technology is dated, and replacement parts and onsite service are difficult to obtain.

Because Renew Digital guarantees quality and provides generous warranty coverage for each system that it sells, it only sources and sells premier, dependable models from leading manufacturers such as KaVo, Carestream Dental, Gendex, i-CAT, Instrumentarium, Planmeca, Sirona, and Vatech.

Renew Digital does not purchase used dental equipment from lesser-known manufacturers because parts and services are difficult to secure and it is nearly impossible to guarantee the quality of the mechanical and electrical components. By selling only highly-dependable, reputable systems from leading brands, Renew Digital is able to deliver reliability, longevity, and value.

Condition of the Used Dental Equipment

After ensuring that a dental X-ray machine meets specific manufacturer and model criteria, Renew Digital’s purchasing team will then evaluate the individual model based on its condition. As a general rule, Renew Digital only purchases more recently manufactured models, in order to ensure the highest level of reliability and operability.

What the accepted age actually is will depend on the model as well as its condition; Renew Digital’s purchasing team will evaluate these factors on a case-by-case basis and can tell you if your used dental equipment system meets their standards.

Renew Digital only purchases used dental equipment that is in “like-new” condition and in perfect working order. Generally, the newer the system, the higher its value. Their purchasing team will determine the condition, in part, by requesting a series of photos of the equipment from several angles, including photos of the serial plates and date of manufacture. Renew Digital may also request recent sample patient images as well as details about the machine, such as exposure count.

Their purchasing team will also consider the service history of any used equipment and will request that all tools and accessories that originally came with the system are included in the sale at the time of removal. At the time of removal, Renew Digital’s technicians will inspect the equipment for operability, to ensure quality prior to removal.


Renew Digital’s purchasing team also evaluates used dental equipment on the basis of the features it offers. For example, upgradeability will be considered during evaluation; systems that can be upgraded to a cephalometric or cone beam modality typically deliver a higher value than non-upgradeable systems.

If the system is a dental cone beam machine, field of view and scan sizes will also be considered during valuation; generally speaking, the larger the scan size, the more valuable the used dental equipment is. Renew Digital’s purchasing team will also consider additional features such as high resolution or low dose modes, extraoral bitewings, or other specialty features or modes, such as endodontic, implant, or orthodontic functions.

Current Inventory Levels

While it is not within the control of the seller, Renew Digital’s purchasing team will also have to consider its own inventory levels when valuing used dental equipment for sale. If there is a higher demand for the seller’s system, then it is likely to be more highly appraised, especially if Renew Digital has lower than acceptable inventory levels on those or similar systems at the time of valuation.

Of course, sellers that are under no immediate pressure to sell their used dental equipment can always wait for a more opportune time, such as when Renew Digital’s procurement team has a stronger demand for your particular dental X-ray or cone beam ct model.

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If you’d like to learn more about how Renew Digital’s team assesses the value of the used dental equipment it purchases, please visit their website at or contact their purchasing team directly. You can also get a free quote to purchase your dental panoramic X-ray or cone beam ct machine by completing this short and easy online form. Contact Renew Digital 888-246-5611 to get started today.

Not only does Renew Digital purchase used dental equipment directly without any expectation of selling a panoramic or dental cone beam system, but they also accept trade-ins. If you’re interested in trading in your used equipment for a different X-ray machine from Renew Digital, this is one of the best ways to maximize the value of your existing dental X-ray system. Contact Renew Digital to learn more.