Decluttering the Digital Life : Applications that help organize your inbox

Decluttering the Digital Life : Applications that help organize your inbox

Feeling overwhelmed by the volume of unanswered messages and emails cluttered to an unmanageable proportion? An unorganized inbox. Ugh. Just seeing the clutter brings a wave of stress upon us like nothing else. But agree or not, email is one of the most important elements of an efficient workplace. It activates quick, concise communication between teams and enables employers to distribute important business-associated information to employees and clients easily. However, we cannot overlook the confusion, conflicts, and consumption of time associated with emails. An email sorting software aims at keeping your inbox empty all the time. But it doesn’t have to end up like this always! Email folder organization helps you take control of your incoming mails and reduce the anxiety associated with them. If you’re tired of sacrificing productivity and sustaining your Gmail clutter, apps to organize email are a godsend for you. We’ve rounded up the best Android and iOS email solutions that make the chore of dealing with emails a little tolerable. 

Newton Mail 

Newton Mail is a unified email application extending support to Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and other IMAP accounts. It integrates with third-party applications, i.e., Evernote and Trello support services through something it calls “cards” Newton mail has proved to be a great solution for email users; however, it requires a subscription of $49.99 annually. 


Aqua Mail is another easy interface, email organization software making inboxes and folders easy to navigate by various color-coded labels and the ability to collapse all the folders inside a single email account. The application also allows gestures that offer easy-to-spot action buttons and simplifying tasks like replying, deleting emails. Aqua Mail assists Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, AOL, etc. 


ProtonMail is an ideal application for users who want a secure and guarded email application. Developed by students at CERN, ProtonMail provides end-to-end encryption making it impossible for the other person to access the emails. You can also set a timer so that the emails you’re sending will self-delete at a certain point after you send them. This software requires a new ProtonMail specific email address.  


Outlook is a next-generation application for Android and iOS users. It supports Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Gmail and IMAP accounts, securing all popular email services. It features customized quick swipe options for scheduling emails and organizing your inbox sections by letting you mark or flag unread, archived emails. Outlook merges calendars and files from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Calendar, etc. 


Spike is not a traditional email organization application. It transforms your emails into messages or conversations like a messaging app. Spike supports Google, iCloud accounts, and it offers native push notifications, groups and enables calling. Spike also offers a dark mode.